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University Living report shows 80% students face culture shock overseas

University Living report shows 80% students face culture shock overseas


University Living report shows 80% students face culture shock overseas

Moving abroad for higher education is a first-time experience for nearly every student and can seem daunting. Especially since every country has its own rules, culture, traditions, and norms, and every student wishes for a hassle-free experience. However, one of the most significant aspects that students face is culture shock. University Living, a leading global student housing platform, has released a survey-based report which reveals that 8 out of 10 students are likely to experience culture shock in some way or form when they move overseas.

It’s not just the difference in cultures and way of life, but even the thought of them fitting in and being able to adapt to these changes. It can be overwhelming for students, especially when they’re on their own. University Living found that students were calling in to check about student community groups and to be connected with alumni and figured that this could be stemming from anxiety of moving to a new country.

 Interestingly, University Living revealed that about 60% of parents become more anxious about their children experiencing culture shock. They are concerned regarding how their children will cope and fit in culturally. In fact, parents also express concern about reverse culture shock, i.e., readjusting to their home culture after returning to their home cities, to a certain extent.

“Culture shock is a phenomenon that most students experience, and it’s possible to overcome it fairly quickly with the right support. For instance, when you’re on campus, you’re often more guarded, but you have a greater chance to mingle with students from backgrounds similar to yours,” said Saurabh Arora, Founder & CEO – University Living. “Off-campus, you’re more exposed to the world and have the freedom to mingle with local students and those from other countries, which allows you to learn and understand more about their culture,” he added. 

Furthermore, University Living saw that parents find a sense of security & comfort in speaking to student accommodation partners as they understand the overseas student landscape and can help their children prepare for it. Parents also take comfort in University Living, headquartered in India, and that the platform goes the extra mile to ensure a pleasant experience for students. 

 This ease stems from the fact that they are booking most essential post-admission services with the global accommodation platform – University Living. Hence there is a trust that is built over the interactions between the parents/ students and University Living. 

 With a team of experts, easy accessibility for queries, and Value-Added Services like flight booking, Forex cards and currency, airport pickups, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), and student travel insurance, among others, it’s easy to see why University Living is a trusted student accommodation provider among parents. The platform goes beyond a transactional relationship to ensure that the student’s study abroad experience is hassle-free.

“University Living’s latest report is based on students’ mental wellbeing & culture shock, and it brings out all the points and tips that students and parents wish to know about having a smooth study abroad experience. We leave no stone unturned to ensure the same by covering all aspects of what’s necessary and through our Value-Added Services and going beyond just providing accommodation,” added Mr Arora.

 University Living’s report also touches upon students’ mental well-being, especially in the post-pandemic world. With nearly 5 in 10 students experiencing mental health issues when moving to a new country, universities are helping them cope and recover by being more culture-sensitive when dealing with international students. 

Incepted in 2015, University Living is an intelligent retrieval platform that offers a global student housing managed marketplace. It helps students across the globe find suitable and secure accommodation near their university campuses.While student accommodation is at its core, the platform also focuses on easing the entire student journey and making it a seamless experience. Headquartered in Delhi, University Living has a 150-member strong team that works towards reinventing its services to better the user experience and digitally transform the overseas education journey.

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