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IIM Kashipur to Reach Out to Global Markets like Gulf and Southeast Asia

IIM Kashipur to Reach Out to Global Markets like Gulf and Southeast Asia


IIM Kashipur to Reach Out to Global Markets like Gulf and Southeast Asia

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kashipur, one of India’s leading management schools, is expanding its outreach to strengthen corporate relations and attract a diverse pool of recruiters. At the heart of these efforts is a strategic initiative to host companies in Delhi and extend its reach to firms in the Gulf and Southeast Asia. These announcements were made during the IIM Kashipur Annual HR Summit, PERENNIAL 2024, held in Bengaluru.

Expanding Horizons for Corporate Relations

In a bid to enhance its corporate footprint, IIM Kashipur is targeting national and international markets. The institute plans to host companies in Delhi, offering a platform for diverse recruiters to engage with its students. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to attract a wide range of companies for campus placements beyond the confines of its Uttarakhand campus.

Professor Utkarsh, Chairperson of Placement and Corporate Relations at IIM Kashipur, emphasized the importance of these efforts. “We are taking a slew of steps under our corporate outreach program to strengthen our bonds with firms. Our students are our brand ambassadors, and it’s our responsibility to prepare them for the industry and provide the best working opportunities,” he stated.

Annual HR Summit: PERENNIAL 2024

The PERENNIAL 2024 summit, with the theme “Future-Ready HR: Nurturing Talent for Tomorrow’s Success,” brought together industry leaders, HR professionals, and academics to discuss pressing issues in the field of human resources. The event featured a series of panel discussions on topics such as the future of work-from-home, the impact of artificial intelligence in HR, and the evolving challenges facing the HR industry.

The summit’s keynote speaker, Sachin Garg, Chief Information Officer at Talent Ola, was joined by a distinguished panel, including Rakesh Gopalani, DGM – People and Culture at Porter; Aparna Chetan, CHRO at Torry Harris; Amrutha M, HRBP at HP; and Monalisha, Associate Director of Human Resources at Flipkart. The panel was moderated by Sharad Prakash, Senior Project Manager at Takeda Pharmaceuticals and an alumnus of IIM Kashipur.

Insights from Industry Leaders

The panellists engaged in thought-provoking discussions about the current and future state of HR practices. They highlighted how the work-from-home model, while beneficial in certain respects, has posed significant challenges, particularly concerning employees’ mental health. “It’s important to have separate work and personal spaces,” noted Rakesh Gopalani, emphasizing the need for balance.

Aparna Chetan elaborated on the mixed impacts of remote work, stating, “The team effort is completely missing from the work-from-home method, which is key to the company. You learn from your surroundings and seniors, which is totally missing in remote settings.” She stressed the importance of distinguishing between personal and professional life to maintain mental health and productivity.

Monalisha from Flipkart added a nuanced perspective, suggesting that while disconnecting office work from personal life is crucial, companies must recognize that one size does not fit all. “The companies need to keep both options open for employees,” she argued, advocating for flexible work arrangements.

Future Challenges and Opportunities in HR

Addressing the future challenges of the HR industry, the panellists acknowledged the shift from a policing role to a more supportive function. They discussed the importance of introducing value systems, developing personal bonds, and creating a sense of belonging within the company. “With empathy and gesture, the industry needs to invest in the employees to strengthen bonds with the companies,” said Gopalani, who also shared how simple gestures like sending thank-you cards to employees’ families can build stronger connections.

Monalisha emphasized the need for companies to recognize employees’ work, compliment their efforts, and foster personal relationships to retain talent and ensure consistent performance.

Reaching Out to Global Markets

In addition to its national initiatives, IIM Kashipur is actively reaching out to companies in Southeast Asia and the Gulf region. These efforts aim to enhance the institute’s global footprint and provide its students with diverse international opportunities.

Engaging Events and Competitions

The summit also featured SIDDHI, an HR Analytics Case Study Competition, where over 30 teams presented their projects, showcasing innovative solutions and strategies. The event attracted a significant turnout, including MBA and MBA Analytics students, alumni, and industry experts, highlighting IIM Kashipur’s commitment to fostering a vibrant academic and professional community.

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