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InCruiter partners with Taggd to streamline hiring in India

InCruiter partners with Taggd to streamline hiring and expand the workforce in India


InCruiter partners with Taggd to streamline hiring in India

InCruiter, a leading interview solution provider, has partnered with Taggd, a subsidiary of PeopleStrong, to expedite its hiring process. As part of this collaboration, InCruiter has equipped the company with its hero product, Interview-as-a-Service (IaaS), to seamlessly conduct interviews and shortlist the best talents for various IT and Non-IT roles have gradually boosted the Taggd employee headcount.

By leveraging this alliance, Taggd has successfully conducted around 900 interviews in the last one and a half months and has significantly benefited from the outstanding results. The IaaS platform has helped Taggd scale up its operations, recording exponential growth, which is no less than a milestone for the company.

Anil Agarwal, CEO & Co-Founder InCruiter said, “We are happy to collaborate with Taggd and add value to their business. It has been a great experience for us to work with their team in finding top talents, boosting their hiring process by 1.5X, and streamlining their recruitment process. With this partnership, we also got the opportunity to expand our customer base, making this synergy a win-win for both of us. We will continue to associate with more players in the future with an intent to make their hiring journeys smooth and hassle-free.”

Taggd President, Mr. Devashish Sharma, said, “We are delighted to join hands with a leading Interview as a Service partner like InCruiter that has been doing a phenomenal job in this domain. Through IaaS, we have brought great talents to strengthen our existing teams and scale our operations to new heights. We look forward to this synergy and hope to benefit each other in the coming months.”

Since its inception, InCruiter has strived to innovate the employee onboarding experience for its clients through world-class remote hiring solutions. Standing tall today, it comprises a team of more than 2200 interviewers and 200+ clients, including industry-leading names like Mahindra and Practo, seamlessly conducting over 100K interview minutes daily.

 InCruiter provides remote interview solutions for businesses to identify the perfect fit for their company through precision and accurate evaluation. Standardizing the interview process via advanced automated interview platforms is their vision statement. They have enabled startups & enterprises to improve their interview process for the last 4 years. They aim to let the HR department focus on their core business activities while they look after the interview prerequisites. They have satisfied 250+ Domestic and International Clients (UK, USA, & worldwide) with their innovative interview solutions.

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