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Nutraceutical start-up Fitday to invest ₹25 crore in nutrition gummies segment

Nutraceutical start-up Fitday to invest ₹25 crore in nutrition gummies segment


Nutraceutical start-up Fitday to invest ₹25 crore in nutrition gummies segment

Fitday, India’s holistic and omnichannel nutraceutical start-up, announced their plan to invest INR 25 Crore in the Gummies segment this financial year. This announcement was flagged off with Fitday launching seven Vitamin Gummies in the market today. The strategic launch is to upsurge a healthy, fun and economic lifestyle in the current state of affairs.

In a variety of herbal, mineral and vitamin options, these gummies are: DHA + Multivitamin (Gummies for children), Biotin, Vitamin C, Ashwagandha, Korean Ginseng, Calcium, Vitamin-D3, Ginger Licorice Tulsi (Cold & Flu Gummies), and Iron Folic Acid.

The global gummy vitamins market is projected to reach USD 10.6 billion by 2025. Fitday and its parent company, Genomelabs are a trusted name in the market for the diversified
range of health products available for consumers to choose from. Fitday will also be
looking to invest in educating more people on the benefits of Nutraceuticals.

Gummies VS Tablets
Gummies have been around for over a hundred years now. Our primary focus was on introducing pleasant-tasting supplements that are convenient and interesting to consume. Fitday, wanted to leverage the rising awareness for on-the-go supplements to tackle the increasing occurrences of vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition.

Fitday aims to cater to the segment of higher population of older adults who are at high risks for chronic diseases caused due to vitamin deficiencies. Genomelabs, (parent company) that manufactures for Fitday, will introduce more research-based gummies in the future.

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Speaking on the announcement, Mr. Suresh Raju- Founder of Fitday said: “We are proud to start a trend like this. Especially during the pandemic, there was an obvious need to increase the immunity in children and adults. Vitamins in the form of gummies are a fun and palatable way to get vital supplementation into the body.” “In 2019,” says Mr. Raju, “the FSSAI regulatory did not even recognize gummy bears, because the Indian food categorization code list did not have it as an option. Given that it is an old fad in the western world, we supplied them with research and wrote to them several times for its inclusion. Much to our delight, the FSSAI eventually included gummies in the code list.”

“Also, to cater to consumers who are increasingly adopting vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, the gummies are made of plant-based pectin, not gelatin,” said Mr. Suresh Raju.

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