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NaMo Anthem: Where Politics Meets Hip-Hop

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NaMo Anthem: Where Politics Meets Hip-Hop


NaMo Anthem: Where Politics Meets Hip-Hop

NaMo Anthem: Where Politics Meets Hip-Hop


NaMo Anthem: Where Politics Meets Hip-Hop


While Narendra Modi is going all out with his rallies in Delhi and UP for the post of PM, his fans continue to remain in awe of him. One such spectacle that exemplifies the backing of Modi by his supporters is the “Namo Youth Anthem” which was uploaded to Youtube on October 6. Created by singer-rapper Krishnan Sugavanam, the video garnered over 200, 000 views on YouTube in a span of 17 days.


Created to fit the liking of the youth, the rap uses all positive adjectives, some of the superlative kind, to describe Modi as not only an effective leader but also an empathetic one. Despite the rap being tightly beat-matched and flowing seamlessly from one adjective to the other, one cannot stop pondering in amazement at the praise (read bootlicking) meted out to the “man”.


The song documents the leader’s start as a tea vendor to his rise to the current day position. Hyperbolizing his achievements and referring to him as the man who’s got the solutions to all problems of India, the song leaves no trace in fawning to the leader. No wit used, no subtlety employed. Oh wait, it’s meant for the youth who don’t know what happened in 2002. Sadly, the two-tier city audience, tired of the government’s hackneyed levels of corruption, will fall headlong to this trick orchestrated by Modi, or his so called fans. It won’t be a shocker if this track becomes the next ‘DJ-please-play-the-Namo-Anthem’ in clubs.


Remarkably, the song does have a slim bunch of groovy lyrics towards the end, apart from the fact that they’re a set of completely sold-out lines. The bombarding goes in the order of Hospitality-Logicality-Practicality-Technicality-Sociality-Physicallity-Geniality-Regality-Vitality-Totality-Oringinality-Puncutality-Sprituality-Immortality before you’re gasping for breath and thinking – All of it, really! What about a virtue called modesty?


What’s fishy is the word doing the rounds is that a fan created the anthem. But suspicion naturally gets drawn to this being a part of Modi’s bigger social media marketing scheme. Whatever you say, the leader is getting his work done.



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