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5 Easy Ways to Win Customers Online : Infographic

Infographics - 5 easy ways to win online - My Big Plunge


5 Easy Ways to Win Customers Online : Infographic

In a country like India, where the total population is about 1.28 billion people, even an incredible number of 350 million internet users would seem less. But, with internet spreading like a wildfire in the recent years, that huge number is furthermore predicted to reach 500 million by 2017 and 700 million by 2020, with more users joining mostly from Tier 4 and rural areas.

Though it’s an uphill task, which the government is finding ways to reach; one doesn’t need great vision to see the fastest way of reaching the masses in the country.

With smartphones getting cheaper and people spending hours on their internet enabled phone, it is the perfect platform for companies to win customers.

Here are five easy ways to win customer online.


The very first and most reliable way has always been an appropriately decked and functional website could do just fine at this task. A website is not just a marketing resource but a business tool as well. Even the smallest business can utilise the power of the internet to be more efficient and to build revenue.

Since getting noticed isn’t much of a challenge, a website could create appealing content to engage a young audience. Videos, infographics, and images are a great way to grab attention. People are always more likely to notice and trust the brand if there are regular features on customer testimonials that would make them feel special and inclusive.
A frequently asked question (FAQ) section where people could get their common queries are some of the proved steps, a successful website has taken.

Though the sales generating from the social media have not been much, it cannot remain unnoticed anymore. With people spending more and more on social apps (50 minutes on average on Facebook as per reports), it is fast becoming an important selling platform in shoppers’ cross-channel shopping journeys. Hence, keeping a regular eye on the social media would bring out ways to engage customers.

The top 500 retailers earned $3.3 billion from social shopping in 2014, which is up by 26% from 2013. Social media increased its share of e-commerce referrals nearly 200% between the first quarters of 2014 and 2015. In India, 56 percent of Internet users check messaging app Whatsapp daily, and 51 percent log into Facebook daily. In the United States now, roughly 2% of all e-commerce traffic comes from social networks and continues to grow.

Mobile phones in India account for 65 percent of the online traffic. Three of the top 10 most used Android Apps in India are messaging apps, two of which are owned by Facebook. WhatsApp leads the pack followed by Facebook’s Messenger at the fourth spot and Hike Messenger at eighth. Gaming comes next with Candy Crush Saga at sixth place and Subway Surfers at the ninth place.

Hence, one another way to draw more customers lies in developing more mobile applications and incorporating more mobile advertisement.

The focus should be more on the organic results through search engine optimisation, which is facing a real challenge at the moment. Google updates its SERP (search engine results page) frequently, and certain recurring trends in the way it displays information are becoming too significant to ignore. For many SEOs (search engine optimizers), these observations are proving to be somewhat ominous.

It, therefore, is losing its credibility with today 70-80 percent tending to ignore paid ads. It’s quite a challenge, but it clearly is another way to win customers as it gets you a detailed idea about the clients in the market.

The last and probably the oldest way is by giving a discount. People will never be tired of saving money. Discount coupons are bound to engage interest till the end of time. In 2013, for example, every five out of six internet users have visited coupons website. Hence, the age old trick has time and again survived the test of time.

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