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Cheisrah Release Debut Album “DEAFBREED”


Cheisrah Release Debut Album “DEAFBREED”


Album Art by Acid Toad

Album Art by Acid Toad

Cheisrah Release Debut Album “DEAFBREED”


Bangalore-based metalcore act Cheisrah have announced the release date of December 27 for their debut album Deafbreed. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Adhiraj Singh at Refractor Studios, Pune, and the album artwork done by Acid Toad.


The band’s name is derived from an evil character in a Meitei (Manipuri) folktale, Sandrembee and Cheisrah, and they were announced winners of the NIT Warangal competition by Brit metal band Xerath. This ten track record will see its first single release on December 6. After the release of their singles ‘‘To The Subliminal’’ and ‘‘The Unnamed’’ over a year ago, the new release should provide some insight into the other elements of music that they have fused with metalcore. Refractor Studios, who have catered both in audio and visuals to scores of bands across the country, promises a good sound and mixing setup for the album. The phenomenal album art has been brought out by Gaurav Basu, lead singer of Inner Sanctum, under his artist moniker Acid Toad.


Listen to Cheisrah’s earlier single ‘‘To The Subliminal’’ here.


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Deafbreed releases on December 27 as a full length album. Till then, watch out for their single scheduled to come out on December 6.


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