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Dilpreet Bhatia Releases New Single “Raat Din”


Dilpreet Bhatia Releases New Single “Raat Din”


Dilpreet Bhatia Releases New Single “Raat Din”

Dilpreet Bhatia Releases New Single “Raat Din”


Dilpreet Bhatia Releases New Single “Raat Din”


After winning the International Songwriting Competition for his single “Tere Bin Dil” in 2011, Ludhiana-raised singer-songwriter Dilpreet Bhatia reappeared to the world of pop music with the release of his new single “Raat Din” (video below) on December 7. This much awaited single, whose music has been composed by American singer-songwriter Shane Alexander, remains true to the romantic ballad-like nature of music Bhatia stands for. Collaborating with Shane Alexander, whose voice has been compared to the likes of Jeff Buckley and Art Garfunkel, was always part of Bhatia’s bigger plan, as told to us in an interview. The music video’s candid visuals, which sees a girl walking under a dreamy canopy of trees against the glare of the sun, fits into the rhythm of the song, unpretentiously.


Bhatia’s music, if one recounts singles from his previous albums, has always had an aura of smile-inducing longing, nothing short of optimistic. “Tere Bin Dil” (listen here), a Punjabi acoustic song from his 2010 album 22 No.Fatak, managed to effortlessly strike a chord with his fans. As a protégé of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Bhatia toes a line of music that soulfully blends Sufi and folk music, especially in his rendition of the track “Sannu Ek Pal” (Listen here).


Dilpreet Bhatia is our Artist in Focus. Click here to read our interview with him where he speaks from the heart about his music, about sustaining a day job, and about his plans for the time yet to come. To get updates on the artist, click here.


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