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Contemporary Indie-an: CounterCulture

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Contemporary Indie-an: CounterCulture


The terrific interior and laid-back ambience makes CounterCulture the perfect choice for an evening out

The terrific interior and laid-back ambience makes CounterCulture the perfect choice for an evening out

The Contemporary Indie-an: CounterCulture

This venue hosts some of the best and contemporary live gigs and is also a brilliant spot for lunch or dinner. A huge open garden space with a live barbeque on the side is the best way to relax in the evenings. The beef and pork starters go down well with some beer and the sweet fragrance coming from the garden that surrounds you. The grilled beef is a brilliant main course, accompanied by some wine. A large converted warehouse containing a bar and stage is the focus of the interiors, which are also very innovatively designed.


CounterCulture hosts private events too, which are already quite popular in the area. The restaurant can easily manage over fifty people! A place where people from all age groups can have a good time, the service is attentive and the décor very lively. When it comes to the food, they provide a subtle blend of anything from Italian to Far Eastern cuisines. From grilled beef and pork ribs, to risotto and pasta, to Thai curries and brinjal-wrapped chicken, their mix is eclectic yet interesting.


CounterCulture has some very strong principles, to encourage and showcase alternative ideas. Music, theatre, dance and comedy are regular here and what attracts the local crowd is not just their regularity to host such events but it is their ability to consistently bring in niche, high-quality alternative and innovative acts! With their new pay for the arts campaign, they seek to promote the popularity of live music to the public. A very noble cause that people around the country have supported by playing at the venue.

The place is pet-friendly and there are often several mutts frolicking around the lawn, where you too can peacefully squat with a beer. Most of the younger crowds naturally know the place better through the numerous shows happening here, and each one always forms a solid memory. The entire process -settling yourself down, watching a band, sipping a beer, and then digging into food, a whiskey and more music – is an event in itself, and you’ll come away realizing you actually enjoyed the night much more than you thought you did!


Top Picks: The grilled beef is brilliant but what easily takes the cake is to attend a live event there. There’s nothing like it.


2D2, 4th Cross, Dyavasandra Industrial Area, Whitefield, Bangalore       

(P) 08041400793


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