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EuroKids International launches a revolutionary 100% offline Home Schooling Programme

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EuroKids International launches a revolutionary 100% offline Home Schooling Programme

EuroKids International launches a revolutionary 100% offline Home Schooling Programme

EuroKids International, India’s leading early childhood education company, has introduced a revolutionary 26-week offline Home Schooling Programme for young children between 2 to 4 years (PG and Nursery). This product has been designed for parents who seek to have convenient, uninterrupted, offline learning for their toddlers within the safety of their home. The EuroKids Home Schooling Programme offers parents a completely easy and structured solution to engage their young children where their toddler’s developmental milestones in terms of language, numeracy and science skills remain on track. Designed by education experts, EuroKids International’s Home Schooling Programme comprises activities that will enhance a young child’s gross and fine motor skills, problem solving, critical thinking, cognitive and creative development skills, and ensure continuous learning even during this pandemic. Parents can use the detailed daily plans, prepared by experts in the Home Schooling Programme to teach their child Language, Mathematics and Science skills. Parents will also have access to highly trained facilitators who will be just a phone call away to answer any queries they may have while teaching their child.

Speaking about the Home Schooling Programme, Mr. K V S Seshasai, CEO, Pre-K Division, EuroKids International, said, “Parents are concerned with their children’s education as the lockdown has resulted in the closure of schools across the country. The education model has moved from the traditional, on-ground, in-person interactions to online models due to the pandemic and the need for safety and social distancing norms. We have developed the Home Schooling Programme for those parents who wish to engage their children in constructive activities, but limit their screen time. With the dearth of time parents have on hand to spend with their children, the Home Schooling Programme allows for parents to choose a time that is convenient to them to engage effectively with their child so that they can develop socially, emotionally and intellectually. The Programme includes everything a parent would need – daily plan, detailed activities, games, toys, etc.” In order to ensure that parents are equipped with the right teaching methods to engage with their children, EuroKids International will hold initiation sessions for parents online once they purchase the Programme to gain a better understanding of all the elements. Every child that completes the 26-week programme will be awarded a completion certificate.

The cost of EuroKids Home Schooling Programme is Rs.14,900 for PG and Rs.16,900 for nursery. For more information, you may order the EuroKids Home Schooling Kit on the toll free number 1800-209-5656.
About EuroKids International: As India’s leading Early Childhood Education & K-12 Education company, delivering the ‘Joy of Learning’ is at the heart of EuroKids International. By enhancing its pedagogy and consistently building a holistic, nurturing and secure learning environment for children, EuroKids is coming closer to its vision of REINVENTING EDUCATION in the country. Over the last 18 years, EuroKids International has played an active role in the evolution of the education landscape. With its portfolio of brands – EuroKids Preschool, Kangaroo Kids Preschool, EuroKids DayCare, EuroSchool & Billabong High International, EuroKids is committed to delivering a robust foundation for future generations. The group’s ‘Child First’ ideology ensures that growth and engagement needs of a child are met in a home-like environment. Child safety focus and ensuring active engagement with parents during these crucial developmental years of the child is what makes EuroKids, a child’s Second Home. EuroKids, with its presence in over 350 cities with 1,100+ pre-schools and 35 Schools is achieving new milestones in education every day.

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