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The Journey Of Clone Futura Towards Digitalisation

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The Journey Of Clone Futura Towards Digitalisation

As a child I was surrounded by a large family and an equally big friend circle.Being an all-rounder in school I have been ambitious since the beginning. I have spent 14 years in BSE and am grateful to my grandfather, Mr Makhanlal Damani, who initiated me into this life. I discovered I was pretty good at arbitrage and so the BSE granted me the title of Queen of Arbitrage in 2002. I spent 14 years in the stock market where I learnt how to make it big, and at the same time, play safe.

After the second child I wanted to work from home. I observed that people above 45 years are now falling into the trap of the ‘generation gap’ as youngsters are almost intuitively better with technology. I realized this gap when I discovered that my aunt was struggling with her newly-purchased phone. Her frequent queries wouldn’t get solved even after repeatedly requesting her son.


Additionally, when I saw my own son on the iPad just playing games and spending hours on social media, I decided I wanted him to be innovative and productive.I asked around and found out that it was a huge problem for all the mums that children need good guidance to deal with the onslaught of so much exposure to technology. Homemakers are not necessarily trained to teach their kids about the use of technology. Technology is growing and people are getting handicapped due to complications of new ways and methods of dealing with each other in daily life. So, we invented new ways of training them in technology and making them constructive in a simple and fast manner. Hence, we decided to give an opportunity to youngsters to learn with us and then teach the children and senior citizens. All these factors led to the start of Clone Futura. Launched on 15th July 2013, Clone Futura, a technology training institute offers onsite customized training and support service in Computer, iPad and Smartphones to people of all age groups – kids, women, and senior citizens at their residence or workplace.

Unlike other modules we have a very unique structure that we follow. We give our customers Simple & Fast Tech Courses at the comfort of their home or workplace. This is the key USP because we cater to a diversified age group. Some of them cannot travel, some are even bedridden. So we see to it that they can be taught within their comfort zone. Not only for the students but we also create online video manuals for the school teachers with automated assessment and certifications.

Apart from that we also have Automated Systems & Processes for Trainers. (In other words you can say that we have Uberized our trainers). We also focus on giving simple & Fast Tech Courses for Kids, Women & Seniors in the comfort of their home, Training Kids to be Productive & Innovative Online, Training Women to start their own business & sell online, training with Seniors to bridge the digital divide & generation gap by empowering them with current tech scenario, Customized Training for Principals, Teachers & Students as per their need & requirements. For Kids we work towards filling the gap between education and learning and bringing the future close to the child.

Entrepreneurship is hard, for men and women alike. Lack of strong mentorship, struggle with finance and funding, finding the right talent, scaling up and turning it profitable etc. are some challenge. These challenges are heightened further if you are a women—stereotyping and responsibilities at home, social circle etc. I have been really fortunate and did not face much of a challenge while setting up of Clone Futura. I have been really grateful to be blessed with a supportive family. My husband has been my real strength and he has also been managing the back-end operation of Clone Futura. This has given me a chance to completely focus on the business strategy and business development. Often in the moments in our life we are most proud of the ones where we overcame adversity to accomplish something worthwhile. We did things that pushed limits and beyond & thus felt unstoppable. From all my experience that I have had right from the evolution of Clone Futura, the best method that has proved worthy is “Word of mouth”.  Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. So long as you create exceptionally happy customers, word of mouth will act as a key customer acquisition tool for you.  Success is a team sport& no one does it alone. Thus I connected with friends or family to work together with to drive your life forward. I would focus on what is positive and right about the world around you & find reasons to appreciate everything around me. I celebrated every single achievement I have accomplished as it drove my brain to keep taking the actions that led to the pleasurable emotion.Whenever I got stuck, I would ask myself what my mentor, whom I admire, would do in my situation.One of the fastest ways to get what you want in life is to find someone who has it and do what they have done.

When we transform the lives of people & make them feel empowered with this disconnected world that drives us to reach new heights. When our Little Techie students innovate and do something productive, their projects and enthusiasm to become the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg inspires us constantly. I am passionate about technology and how it transforms our lives and I think watching the light of understanding in the eyes of the young ones or a smile of gratitude on the face of an elderly person when they can finally figure out how to use a gadget is what makes me smile. All the hard work then seems worth it. I always look out to make at least one difference in people’s life apart from my work, even personally. This also reflects in the job I do.

Clone Futura is a technology training institute that offers onsite customized training and support service in Computer, iPad and Smartphones to people of all age groups – kids, women, and senior citizens at their residence or workplace. Our dynamic team visualizes an E-Literate India and is moving towards the fulfilment of this mission. With the precept of ‘Transforming India Digitally’, the team is all set to break new grounds in this arena.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the publication

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