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Food tech start-up Bueno raises $600,000 from an angel investor

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Food tech start-up Bueno raises $600,000 from an angel investor

Founded by Rohan Arora and Pankaj Sharma, a food tech start-up–Bueno–has recently managed to raise $600,000 in its pre-funding from an undisclosed angel investor.

According to the company’s spokesperson, the newly raised funding will be used for talent acquisition, technological advancement, data analytics and marketing their services in a customer-friendly manner in order to expand their customer base.

Based in Gurgaon, this start-up will also give its full attention on customer relationship management, physical operations, advanced usage of technology and supply chain.

Operating in the National Capital Region, Bueno has 5 chefs who offer a variety of global cuisines. The company also claims that the fresh funds will also increase the number of orders and deliveries.

According to Arora, Founder of Bueno, the company is very proud they are an Indian brand which has global ambitions and use the Tri-colours as the colours for their logo. The company has faced a lot of challenges and was almost on the verge of closing down more than five times. However, these have hurdles have been their stepping stones to improving their company even further.

Reportedly, many other food tech start-ups are raising funds . For example, food tech delivery start-up—Swiggy– has raised Rs 105 crore this year.

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