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Start-ups in Bengaluru getting noticed by airplane giant Airbus

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Start-ups in Bengaluru getting noticed by airplane giant Airbus

European aeroplane heavyweight Airbus has revealed that the company is open to incorporate external ideas from start-ups across the world to aid in its aircraft programmes. Airbus plans to stop at Bengaluru, as a part of its business accelerator programme called BizLabs, under which the company will zero in on business models from across the world.

Currently, BizLabs is being integrated in Toulouse and is planned to be setup at Hamburg, Germany before it lands its footing in Bengaluru.

“What is the weakness of a big group like Airbus when we talk about innovation? We believe that we have better ideas than the rest of the world. We believe that we know because we control the technologies and platforms. The world has shown us in the car industry, the space industry and the hi-tech industry that this is not true. And we need to be open to others’ ideas and others’ innovations,” said its global CEO Fabrice Bregier recently.

He also added that according to the company’s information, Bengaluru may be a hub of some very helpful business ideas and BizLabs will be set up in 12 months.

Such an international attention towards start-ups in India is surely good news for the entrepreneurial industry here. While investments from foreign names are a common occurrence in the start-up industry, the acknowledgement of large global companies towards Indian entrepreneurs is a good sign for the future of India’s start-ups.

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