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The Plunge Daily announces its official launch announces its official launch

News announces its official launch, an online marketplace for complete financial solutions has announced its official launch of its platform. It acts as an online-cum-virtual counterpart to Finstreet Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. claims that it offers financial solutions to customers to ensure they get the best offers in terms of lender, price and right experience.

For a layman, provides customers with an overall hand-holding by connecting with professional and experienced relationship managers until the loan is disbursed and the amount is added to the customer’s account. Using its technology, plans to bring a fresh breath of air into the sector of financial services.
The online portal is driven by back-end algorithms, a superlative recommendation engine and a predictive analysis system to create a new face of financial solutions in India.

“Through our professional experience, we identified that in India, online facilitation of loans is a pressing requirement for both end customers as well as lenders. Customers need an advisory platform, beyond normal comparison sites, with an end to end service approach and lenders need an online distributor with a presence in major cities. With, we aim to plug this gap and also act as an aggregator for the largely unorganized channel partners in the market. We offer a complete e-commerce experience in financial services. “ said Vineet Jain, CEO and Founder of also benefits the lenders by providing them SAS-based platform to showcase products along with servicing abilities at multiple locations. This makes the company an aggregator as well.

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