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REVIEW: Marshall Monitor 2 ANC is a true Rockstar of ANC headsets

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REVIEW: Marshall Monitor 2 ANC is a true Rockstar of ANC headsets

In comparison to Bose NC700, Sony 1000XM3 and its twin the latest Sony 1000XM4 – Marshall Monitor 2 ANC stands out with its overall design being true to its Rock n Roll Icon ‘Marshall’ lineage

Marshall Monitor 2 ANC guarantees much more than a classic Rock n Roll look. The sturdy-feeling metal arms with a full range of articulation that slide in and out of the headband customises the user’s comfort, giving a snug feel. A premium veggie leather finish, USB C port, packed with everything that technology has to to offer in the category, Marshall Monitor 2 ANC is a looker and has up the game over the regular nerdy ANC headsets out there in the market. And if you are a Marshall user and looking for the legendary brass/gold colour metal grill, you have the multi-directional metal button, more of a joystick. It’s like can you drive a stick?

The earpads are heavily cushioned with memory foam. The cups swivel for a comfortable fit. It makes the user feel light even during long listening sessions. The multi-directional control button/joystick is situated on the right earcup’s outer panel. The control button can be pressed and pushed to control playback, track navigation, call management and volume. Moreover, there is a customizable M button on the right earcup’s hinge. On the left earcup, one can find an ANC button, which toggles between on, off and monitor modes. Plus, there is a 3.5mm connection on the left panel. Here one can find a half-coiled audio cable for wired listening, and a USB-C port for the cable. The status LED can also be found near these ports.

Two buttons on the back hinges of the earcups are for noise-cancelling. It also switches the equaliser between three user-selectable pre-sets. The user can press the noise-cancelling button to switch between active noise cancelling (ANC) and ambient sound modes or press and hold to turn it off. One of the plus factors is that there is a Marshall app for Android and iOS users. Users can go to the settings and assign control to the M button. It can easily toggle between EQ presets or call the phone’s voice assistant. The presets in this section can be altered and saved. When the M button is assigned to EQ, it will switch between these three modes.

In comparison to Bose and Sony’s latest headphones, Marshall Monitor 2 ANC stands out with its design. Its catchy, sleek and very much stylish. The leather headband and accented stitching look absolutely gorgeous.

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