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Apple iPhone , Apple Watch launch September 2016 Live!

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Apple iPhone , Apple Watch launch September 2016 Live!

[live time=”10:25pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]  Looking at Apple’s invitation “See you on the 7th”, which was sent out earlier this week, many read between the lines interpreting it as a word game that actually revealed the name of the new iPhone, ‘7’.[/live]

[live time=”10:29pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]  Keeping our excitement on… lets see what people are expecting this time[/live]

[live time=”10:29pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]
So, as there are three iphone 7s launching tonight.. Lets see what we can expect… iPhone 7, iPhone 7 pro and the latest to join the clan, ‘iPhone7 Pro… Apart from that.. we would really love an extra  pro optic lens at the back, a bigger screen and a better battery life and as rumors are heavily spreading… the iconic ‘home’ button might go.[/live]

[live time=”10:38pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]  The biggest update is the Apple music. It gets better and inspiring every year. Just in.. 17 million subscribers since launch [/live]

[live time=”10:41pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]  106% growth YoY in July and August

[live time=”10:41pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”] 500,000 games in the App Store. [/live]

[live time=”10:42pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Shigeru Miyamoto, “We want as many people as possible to enjoy playing as Mario. they’ll be doing it first on iOS in a new game called Super Mario Run. [/live]

[live time=”10:44pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]  People are bound to fall in love with the character again…The magic of Mario is that anyone can pick up and start playing, and now it’s even simpler to begin… And the longer you tap, the higher he jumps. [/live]

[live time=”10:46pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Oh.. new addition.. There’s a battle mode called Toad Rally. One has to to choose an opponent from the list to beat their score. [/live]

[live time=”10:50pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Tim Cook, “Education is a great equalizer, a powerful source of change. We’re deeply committed to ConnectED, a national initiative letting government and companies to bring tech to schools. The program is having amazing results. Kids are engaged and learning like never before.” [/live]

[live time=”10:53pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]”This fall, all 114 ConnectED schools supported by Apple will be up and running. A Mac and an iPad to 4500 teachers, an Apple TV in every classroom, and 50,000 iPads for students. We believe every student should have the opportunity to code.” Wow… That’s  a brilliant initiative.. Everyone Can Code initiative [/live]

[live time=”10:54pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Susan Prescott, worldwide president of apps product marketing, “Works with the same apps you use on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.” [/live]

[live time=”10:54pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Cook is back. “Time for new products, starting with Apple Watch.” [/live]

[live time=”10:55pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]And it has has climbed up the sales charts – number 2 only under Rolex! [/live]

[live time=”10:57pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Jeff Williams on the new Apple watch, “Messaging is more expressive than ever. fun animated stickers… Scribble lets you write custom replies…Activity Sharing has been added… [/live]

[live time=”10:58pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]New app!!- “‘Breathe’- reminds you take a moment to breathe and relieve stress. a new safety feature that let’s you contact emergency services by pressing the side button.” [/live]

[live time=”10:58pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Pokemon Go is coming to the watch. [/live]

[live time=”11.00pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Seems like.. games and music is what is Apple is now.. [/live]

[live time=”11.06pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Apple watch Series 2. You can wear it whether you’re swimming, surfing, or doing the occasional cannonball. Water resistant to 50 meters. [/live]

[live time=”11.11pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]The speaker design has been changed to eject the water after a swim. For people who swim every day, we built a simulator to test the effects of swimming over multiple years. Two new workouts for swimming. The watch will learn about you over time and get more accurate as it examines your swim technique. The second-gen S2 system-in-a-package (SiP)…Dual-core CPU up to 50% faster. New GPU with 2x faster performance. [/live]

[live time=”11.14pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Second-gen display, more than 2x brighter than before… you’ll understand while you’re outside in the sunlight. It can take long for GPS watches to connect to satellites, but Apple Watch doesn’t need to take that extra time. get a route map from the watch showing the path and speeds.[/live]
[live time=”11.21pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Nike and Apple have solved it. It’s the best running device that’s out there.[/live]
[live time=”11.23pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Available in four colors (which appear to be black, grey, another grey, and another grey)[/live]
[live time=”11.23pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Priced at $369[/live]
[live time=”11.23pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]And…now…iPhone[/live]
[live time=”11.23pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]1 billion iPhone sold till date[/live]
[live time=”11.23pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Cook, “We’re about to launch iOS 10. Our biggest iOS release ever. [/live]
[live time=”11.27pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]It’s jam-packed with new features to enrich your daily experiences. Lift your iPhone to wake it, SiriKit for apps, more intelligence through machine learning for the keyboard. Newly redesigned maps. HomeKit – this is the first time home automation has been integrated into a major platform. “You can use Control Center and Siri to set things as well, and HomeKit supports all major types of smart devices from virtually all companies.” [/live]
[live time=”11.29pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]”Of course the world’s most advanced OS deserves the world’s most advanced smartphone. And here it is…..It’s the best iPhone we’ve ever created. iPhone 7.”[/live]
 [live time=”11.31pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Jony Ive, video begins, “A sheet of glass made with few, precisely engineered parts. High-gloss black finish. Embedding the antenna and sculpting the camera bump out of the aluminum body. Polishing makes a pristine surface which is then anodized.  iPhone 7 is the most evolved representation of this design.” [/live]
 [live time=”11.33pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Phil Schiller, “In Design- It starts with the new Jet Black finish. Seamless surface between front glass and aluminum back. Antenna lines so subtle they’re almost invisible. A second new black color, called simply “black”. Also in gold, silver, and rose gold.” [/live]
 [live time=”11.35pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]The Home button stays. “We’ve changed our input devices in big ways before – remember the iPod. Started with a click wheel, moved to electrostatic wheel. The Home button is now a solid piece that’s force sensitive, enabled by a new taptic engine. The engine supports a lot of different, distinct vibration patterns for different notifications.”[/live]
[live time=”11.39pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]”IP67 protection standard. Now…camera- OIS in both 7 and 7 Plus, Larger f/1.8 aperture… Six element lens… New 12MP sensor – 60% faster, 30% more efficient… the flash is new….Quad-LED True Tone flash with 50% more light output… Can also compensate for flicker of artificial lighting… Behind it all, the Apple-designed ISP. ISP has 2x the throughput of previous versions. It sets exposure, sets focus, sets white balance/color … It captures wide color for the first time… Noise reduction, and can combine multiple images (a la HDR). 100 billion operations in 25ms. (showing some magnificent clicks by the new iPhone 7 )[/live]
[live time=”11.39pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]”7MP front-facing FaceTime HD camera. Wide color capture and auto image stabilization. This is the iPhone 7 camera. Best camera ever in an iPhone”[/live]
[live time=”11.40pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Now..iPhone 7 plus… Two 12MP cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus…One wide angle, one telephoto… In a DSLR, you can change the focal length of your lens, abit bulky though…[/live]
[live time=”11.43pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Retina HD display.. 25% brighter and wide P3 color gamut are both new… [/live]
[live time=”11.53pm” title=”Apple launch event live!”]Now.. Audio.. Schiller, “We use the built-in speaker all the time.The speakers we’ve built in are a huge jump forward. Stereo speakers, one on top and one on bottom. 2x as loud as 6S and 6S Plus, increased dynamic range… Earpods… We’re moving to connect them via Lightning… It’s a great digital audio connector with power and control… 900 million Lightning devices, and speakers and headphones have been designed to take advantage of them.. [/live]

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