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WhatsApp rolls out waveforms for voice messages. Details here

WhatsApp rolling out waveforms for voice messages for select beta testers

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WhatsApp rolls out waveforms for voice messages. Details here

WhatsApp has begun rolling out new voice notes layout in chat bubbles for all voice/audio messages. The existing voice messages play with just the play/pause button in a linear format, the new feature is expected to make the platform more lively and interactive. The Meta-owned instant messaging app has been working on the visual upgrade for quite a while and it is initially in place for select beta testers on both Android and iOS, reported WABetainfo.

The report further said that users will be able to see voice waveforms for their voice messages if the feature is enabled for their WhatsApp account.

“Specific beta testers can now see voice waveforms in chat bubbles, but not always: you can see voice waveforms for your voice notes if the feature is enabled for your WhatsApp account, but voice waveforms may still not show up when receiving a voice note from someone that have the feature disabled or when the voice note has been recorded using an old version of WhatsApp,” finds out WABetaInfo

The Meta-owned instant messaging app keeps rolling updates for better in-app experience. WhatsApp was first reported to have worked on voice waveforms in June. The feature was found to be a replacement for the existing seek bar and work similar to how users have waveforms for Instagram. The platofrm is also expected to redesign chat bubbles entirely with more rounded, larger and colourful bubbles on the way.

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Dr M Angamu
In the last update it was mentioned that WhatsApp is working to add new features in the instant messaging app, the forwarding of the stickers without actually downloading or viewing it within the chat box of WhatsApp.

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