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SLCM launches mobile app ‘AgriReach’ to check quality of agri-commodities

SLCM launches mobile app 'AgriReach' to check quality of agri-commodities


SLCM launches mobile app ‘AgriReach’ to check quality of agri-commodities

Farmers can now check the quality of wheat and other agri-commodities just a click away with the use of a mobile app ‘AgriReach’, officially launched by Agri logistics firm Sohan Lal Commodity Management Pvt Ltd (SLCM) on Wednesday.

The mobile quality check app allows the user to get on the spot assessment of the commodity’s sample for free within minutes without depending on a third party, it said. Initially, the app will be available in Hindi and English as well as a few vernacular languages such as Gujarati, Tamil, and Kannada. Gradually, it will be made available in all vernacular languages and even international languages, it added.

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Addressing a virtual press conference, SLCM Chief Executive Officer Sandeep Sabharwal said, “This app is going to be a game-changer as it empowers farmers to check the quality of their commodity just a click away and get the report within minutes. This will enable farmers to get a better price.” At present, quality testing of commodities is a manual process that is prone to human error and bias besides being subjective. It is also time-consuming and involves a cost of at least about Rs 840 per sample, he said.

On the other hand, one can get the quality of commodities checked within a few seconds and get a report immediately using the ‘AgriReach’ mobile app that has been developed using artificial intelligence technology and machine learning, he added. The company said it is looking at achieving up to 90 per cent accuracy with the results over a period of time. Further, Sabharwal said this new app is not only useful for farmers but also to other stakeholders like processors, traders, exporters, importers, government agencies, and financial institutions engaged in agri-commodity business.

Initially, the mobile app provides for testing of only seven commodities (wheat, rice, gram, maize, soya bean, and guar seed) and gradually more commodities will be added in a phased manner, he said. The company would initially focus on non-perishable food grains and pulses, later focus on checking the quality of perishable commodities as well, he added. Sabharwal said the company has so far spent Rs 11 crore for developing the app and applied for its patent also. Another 13-14 crore will be spent in the next six months on this. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on handheld devices like mobile phones and tablet PCs running on the Android OS.

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