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Allied Blenders’ ICONiQ White Whisky Hits 2 Million Cases Sold in First Year, Plans Expansion

ICONiQ White Whisky Success


Allied Blenders’ ICONiQ White Whisky Hits 2 Million Cases Sold in First Year, Plans Expansion

In a remarkable feat, Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD) has achieved a significant milestone with its new brand, ICONiQ White Whisky, reaching 2 million cases sold in its first year since launch. Despite being available in only 70% of the operational segment, the brand has garnered immense popularity, showcasing ABD’s deep understanding of consumer preferences and its ability to deliver premium products effectively.

ICONiQ White Whisky is a unique blend of imported Scotch malts aged in bourbon oak casks, combined with select matured malts and Indian grain spirits. This blend has resonated well with consumers, propelling the brand to success in a highly competitive market.

Alok Gupta, Managing Director at ABD India, expressed his delight at the brand’s success, stating, “Our strategic focus on premiumization has proven to be successful with ICONiQ White Whisky, surpassing established multinational brands. This achievement strengthens our commitment to transitioning to super-premium segments.”

ICONiQ White 2 million cases

Bikram Basu, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at ABD, highlighted the brand’s achievement of reaching 2 million cases in its first year and expressed optimism for the future. He stated, “As we celebrate this milestone, we are motivated to set even higher goals for the brand.”

Looking ahead, ABD plans to expand the availability of ICONiQ White Whisky to new markets, commencing from April 2024. The brand is currently available in pack sizes of 750 ml, 375 ml, 180 ml, and 90 ml, catering to a wide range of consumer preferences.

The success of ICONiQ White Whisky reflects ABD’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the spirits industry. With a strong lineup of premium products and a focus on delivering exceptional quality, ABD is poised to further establish itself in the super-premium segments of the market.

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