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EV Brand Enigma opens three EV dealership showrooms in Pune

Indian EV Brand Enigma Opens Its Three EV Dealership Showrooms In Pune


EV Brand Enigma opens three EV dealership showrooms in Pune

Enigma, a young Make-in-India EV manufacturer from Madhya Pradesh has announced the launch of its three EV dealership showrooms in Pune. All showrooms will feature Enigma’s extensive line of ‘Made-in-India’ smart electric scooters, which are ideal for long-distance commuters, students, women, and gig workers. The showrooms on Sinhagad Road and Hadapsar will operate under the dealership name Chikhale Motors Enigma and the one in Vishant wadi will serve under Goyal Enigma.

The showrooms were inaugurated in the presence of senior Enigma executives. In addition, the EV brand has ambitious plans to open 2 more showrooms in multiple locations across Pune in the coming months.

On the launch of the showroom Mr. Anmol Bohre, Managing Director, Enigma said, “We take great pride in setting up three showrooms in Pune at the same time to provide our valued customers with top-of-the-line and sustainable electric mobility. We are steadily increasing our competence through innovation and have aggressive expansion plans to broaden our pan-India visibility as well as cater to the rising EV demand. With the potency to build EV two-wheelers for every segment of the market, Enigma is poised to become the cornerstone of India’s EV dream.

Enigma has a streamlined product portfolio in the low-speed category consisting of electric scooters which include – Ambier, Crink, GT 450 and Loader with tailored specifications for the end consumers such as customizable batteries and regenerative braking. To expand its product portfolio, the company recently launched its ‘flagship killer’ in the high-speed category which includes Crink+, Crink Pro, GT 450 and N8. All of these products have received positive market feedback and will be available to Pune residents through these showrooms.

For the best customer experience, all showrooms use cutting-edge LED displays and touch-and-feel technology. Enigma’s first-of-its-kind experience zone also enables customers to get a 360-degree view of the product components such as the battery cell, the charger PCB, and the controller Mosfet.

Enigma Automobiles Private Limited, founded in the year 2015, is driving electric mobility more consistently and more enthusiastically than any other mobility group. By 2025, the company aims to capture 25% of the potential market share & manufacture & sell up to 250000 electric bikes in India. With the tenets of the company grounded in quality and matchless technology, Enigma plans to bring attractive electric models onto the road at affordable prices, and help India make a breakthrough.

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