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DigiBoxx launches new cloud storage solution for enterprises, individuals

DigiBoxx launches new cloud storage solution for enterprises, individuals


DigiBoxx launches new cloud storage solution for enterprises, individuals

Digital file sharing and cloud storage service provider DigiBoxx on Wednesday announced the launch of a new data storage solution for corporates and individuals.

Megh3 will provide customers with fast, simple, elastic storage solutions at their fingertips at attractive pricing, combining both simplicity and affordability, the domestic software as a service (SaaS) based digital storage platform said in a release. Megh3 will be available at Rs 1,299 per month for storing up to 1TB data, it said. Megh3 protects and retrieves data at any time from anywhere on any device, helping streamline workflows, unifying brand inventory across multiple touchpoints, allowing teams to function effectively and in sync, the company said.

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Arnab Mitra, CEO, DigiBoxx, said, “…we have put tremendous effort into adding new features, keeping in mind the myriad data storage requirements of customers. I am confident that Megh3 will be instrumental in bringing about organizational transformation as it affords both reliability and scalability. “In addition, with growing concerns over data ownership and digital IP, it is necessary to be more conscious about where your data is being stored. Our servers and data centres are based in India, ensuring the user’s digital assets are stored safely in the country.”

In India, Megh3 is powered by Hitachi through Hitachi Systems India. “This revolutionary product sets a new standard for digital storage, offering unprecedented accessibility and top-notch security for all your data sharing needs across platforms,” said Anuj Gupta, Director & CEO Hitachi Systems India Pvt Ltd. Apart from providing digital storage, asset management and backup solutions for individuals, gig workers, and government organisations, DigiBoxx clients also include Chola MS, Enormous, HDFC Life, Jio, ProBurst and Schneider Electric.

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