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Dyninno Plans 50% Increase in Tech Workforce in India in 2023

Dyninno Plans 50% Increase in Tech Workforce in India in 2023


Dyninno Plans 50% Increase in Tech Workforce in India in 2023

Dyninno India, part of the global Dyninno Group of companies that operate in the finance, travel, and entertainment sectors in 50 markets, plans a twofold increase in the headcount at its information technology division to 150 people. Dyninno’s IT division is called Dynatech, which acts as the IT centre for the entire Dyninno Group.

Dynatech is responsible for functions from product development, marketing, and design to technical support and maintenance for all Dyninno brands, such as Asaptickets, Multipass, Allcasting, and Skyluxtravel, among others. “Our focus on hiring and nurturing local talent demonstrates our commitment to investing in the development of the Indian tech industry – Dyninno strongly believes in the tech talent in India and is looking to hire individuals keen to work on a diversified tech stack and large-scale global projects.

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Our emphasis on a highly collaborative work culture can also be an attractive aspect for IT professionals who value teamwork and open communication. Working with a closely integrated team based in Europe and India can provide IT professionals with the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals with varying skill sets and perspectives. Also, working in an environment that fosters collaboration and encourages creativity can lead to increased job satisfaction and employee engagement this is exactly what we are aiming for,” says Alex Weinstein, co-founder of Dyninno Group of companies.

Dyninno will hire tech professionals for roles spanning frontend and backend development, full stack development, DevOps, technical project management, quality analysis, and global help desk, among others. The tech professionals will work on global projects spanning Dyninno’s three lines of businesses travel tech, fintech, and entertainment technology. “We are building a team of tech professionals that will develop large-scale complex products to support the business objectives of the Dyninno Group. We want to invest in the best tech talent in India who are ready to commit to a long-term professional relationship. We recently rationalized the compensation structure to further strengthen the hiring of long-term players,” says Puneet Kumar, CTO of Dyninno India.

Besides hiring for Dynatech, Dyninno India plans to scale up the headcount for its operations workforce in the travel division, including sales, ticketing, and customer support. The organisation recently shifted to a five-times bigger office spanning 52,000 sq ft to accommodate the growing headcount. Moreover, Dyninno India plans to expand to more offices in Gurugram and Mumbai by June 2023. Besides India, Dyninno has 23 offices across countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Egypt, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Italy, and the Philippines.



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