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eBay collaborates with Kerala Ayurveda Inc

eBay collaborates with Kerala Ayurveda Inc
eBay is set to give a much needed boost to authentic ayurveda through its partnership in India with Kerala Ayurveda Inc., USA.


eBay collaborates with Kerala Ayurveda Inc

eBay is set to give a much needed boost to authentic ayurveda through its partnership in India with Kerala Ayurveda Inc., USA. The online marketplace will allow Kerala Ayurveda Inc., USA to build out an exclusive showcase of its authentic ayurvedic products and promote content and reviews of experts, influencers and customers.

Ayurveda is a holistic healing system based on maintaining harmony between mind, body and spirit, using healing interventions to include lifestyle, nutrition and herbal formulations. The globalized and modernized Ayurveda approach will further boost eBay’s business association with Kerala Ayurveda Inc., USA, strengthening the accessibility of Ayurveda wellness solutions across 100+ product categories in the US market and other countries as well.

Vidmay Naini, India Country Manager eBay, highlighted that they are pleased to associate with Kerala Ayurveda USA as their business partners, to help them expand in the US market and beyond. “There has been a dynamic shift in the online shopping approach in a social distancing era and latest research has shown that India’s e-commerce sector ranks 9th globally in cross border growth. eBay in India strives to take all India made and Indian origin products to the world. As part of this endeavor, partnering with Kerala Ayurveda is a step in enabling sellers to embrace the Local to Global.”

Ramesh Vangal, Chairman Katra Group, expressed delight at the collaboration between the two companies. He pointed out that with the COVID-19 pandemic becoming such a major disruptor of normal life, there is a dramatic change in attitude towards nature, natural products and immunity to protect ourselves from diseases; natural immunity is the mantra which Kerala Ayurveda enshrines.

“We are thrilled to pioneer the introduction of the first Ayurveda natural products to meet California’s high quality standards, as outlined in Prop 65. A unique feature of Kerala Ayurveda, USA is that the company is the largest vocational Ayurveda Academy in the country with 2,500 alumni trained with certified courses ranging from 625 – 2,500 hours of formal education. This program is certified by the states of California and Washington. In addition, we have a cohort of 15,000 – 20,000 allied enthusiasts who can be influencers and torch bearers for the rapid propagation of this ancient natural wellness tradition.”

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Dr Jayarajan Kodikannath, Vice President and Academy Director of Kerala Ayurveda USA, said that Kerala Ayurveda Academy is a leader in traditional Ayurvedic education in the US as well as abroad, offering some of the most authentic training for beginners and advanced students. “We believe that awareness and education is a key factor for meaningful change. It is our belief that the Science of Ayurveda can transform global healthcare and make a successful shift from Illness to Wellness. Our core business idea is a fully integrated approach that combines traditional wisdom with modern scientific knowledge that delivers Ayurvedic individualized solutions that are Pure, Safe and Effective.”

Kodikannath said this unique launch with eBay will be a key aspect of Kerala Ayurveda’s digital push with an aim to continue offering our consultations and education opportunities online.

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