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Tata 1mg partners with Edtech giant Seekho for industry-certified programs

Tata 1mg partners with Edtech giant Seekho


Tata 1mg partners with Edtech giant Seekho for industry-certified programs

Tata 1mg, India’s leading technology-enabled healthcare services provider, has partnered with, an AI-powered upskilling platform backed by Sequoia Capital, to roll out industry-certified programs in healthcare and other sectors.

“The opportunity to skill, reskill and upskill the workforce in healthcare and allied sectors is exciting. We are looking forward to working with Tata 1 mg to make the best programs possible!”, Seekho co-founder Divya Jain said. is an AI-powered upskilling platform engaged in the business of educational technology services and skills-based learning which includes delivering online and live training through interactive sessions with industry experts in various disciplines.

Tanmay Saksena, Chief Operating Officer, Tata 1mg, said: “We are excited to work with Seekho and believe that this collaboration will help meet the industry requirement for a well-trained workforce.”

Tata 1mg is India’s largest Digital Health Platform. The company has scaled up rapidly since 2015 to become India’s leading Digital Health Company, commanding the leading share of the time spent in the Digital Healthcare category with over 40 million monthly unique users and 500 million monthly page views.

Over the past few years, people’s interest in health and medicine has skyrocketed. Terms like Dolo, Remdesivir, RT-PCR etc. became a part of our regular conversations. Indians are more health conscious than ever before and the demand for healthcare services, well-being products, spaces and equipment has also increased multi-fold, paving the way for numerous employment opportunities in sectors like nursing, pharmacy, diagnostics and healthcare management. 

The healthcare sector in India is one of the sectors seeing the highest growth in skilled workforce requirements and Seekho-Tata 1mg partnership seeks to impart industry-relevant skills and behavioural training to meet this demand.

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1 Comment

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