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MyMuse Appoints Minhaz Fatima as Head of Brand Communications to Pioneer Cultural Shift in Sexual Wellness

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MyMuse Appoints Minhaz Fatima as Head of Brand Communications to Pioneer Cultural Shift in Sexual Wellness

MyMuse, India’s premier sexual wellness brand, has taken a significant stride in its journey to reshape the cultural narrative surrounding sexual wellness by appointing Minhaz Fatima as the Head of Brand Communications. This strategic move comes as MyMuse, founded by Sahil and Anushka Gupta, intensifies its efforts to expand business operations and amplify brand marketing across diverse channels in the upcoming year.

In her new role, Minhaz Fatima will play a pivotal role in steering MyMuse towards becoming one of India’s most beloved and trusted brands in the sexual wellness category. This appointment signifies a strong commitment to breaking societal taboos associated with sexual wellness and normalizing conversations around pleasure and intimacy.

Minhaz Fatima brings a wealth of experience to MyMuse, having previously led the brand, social, and creative vertical at Fi. During her tenure, she played a crucial role in launching and exponentially scaling the brand in a new product category across various digital touchpoints. Her creative contributions at Fi garnered international acclaim, with prestigious awards such as Webbys, OneShow, and Shorties, along with notable recognition from Kyoorious. Minhaz has also made significant contributions during her stints at creative agencies like Jack in the Box Worldwide and Dentsu Webchutney Bengaluru, where she worked on projects for renowned brands such as Tata Motors, Surf Excel, Flipkart, PhonePe, and Amazon.

In an official statement, Anushka Gupta, Co-founder of MyMuse, expressed excitement about Minhaz joining the team, stating, “Sahil and I have a big vision for MyMuse, not only as a brand but as a driver of cultural change. Our aim is to shape the conversation around sexual wellness, a topic that has long been shrouded in taboo. For this critical phase in our journey, we sought someone who could navigate these nuances, demonstrate a track record of scaling brands, and embody a hands-on approach. Minhaz aligns perfectly with our vision. Her strategic insights and commitment to creative excellence make her an invaluable addition to the team, and we eagerly welcome her aboard.”

Minhaz Fatima, sharing her thoughts on the new role, emphasized the need for a fresh narrative in the country’s discourse on sexual wellness. She stated, “The discussions surrounding pleasure and intimacy in our country are often confined to ‘locker room chats’ or hypersexualized marketing by condom and deodorant brands. It can be exhausting because how long can we fake a smile or suppress an eye roll? MyMuse is not just talking about the elephant in the room; it’s bringing it into the open, normalizing it, and celebrating it. I resonate with the brand’s vision, and I was clear that I wanted to contribute to this narrative. Leading cultural shifts and being part of transformative change is a rare opportunity, and I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting time and space.”

Launched in 2021, MyMuse is a Mumbai-based sexual wellness startup backed by key investors such as Sauce V.C. and Whiteboard Capital. The appointment of Minhaz Fatima as Head of Brand Communications signifies a bold step forward in the brand’s commitment to challenging societal norms and fostering an open dialogue around sexual wellness. As MyMuse continues to grow, the brand’s journey under Minhaz’s leadership promises to be an exciting exploration of cultural transformation within the realm of sexual wellness.

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