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Mystore launches ONDC connector for Amazon sellers

Mystore launches ONDC connector for Amazon sellers


Mystore launches ONDC connector for Amazon sellers

Mystore , the first ONDC-connected marketplace, launches a simplified solution ONDC Amazon Connect that enables Amazon sellers to migrate and upload their Amazon product catalog to the ONDC network with just a few clicks.

ONDC- the unique digital commerce initiative by the Government of India, is aimed at democratizing Indian Ecommerce by offering an unbiased common digital network to sellers of every scale and size into ecommerce. ONDC aims to grow its reach to 900 million buyers thus helping sellers have a wider customer base. The Amazon channel from Mystore is designed to offer a 360-degree solution to Amazon sellers planning to add a new digital sales channel to their business. Amazon sellers can simply sign-up on the Mystore Seller App and start using the Amazon Connect Channel to be a part of the ONDC ecosystem. Sellers do not need to pay any upfront cost for building their online store via Mystore. Once Amazon sellers register with Mystore they can easily and quickly list and sell their products on ONDC.

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ONDC gives an alternative sales channel to Amazon sellers and enables them to leverage the huge reach and potential of the open network without any biased treatment. ONDC solves many of the pain points of Amazon sellers. Mystore, on the other hand, makes it easy for Amazon sellers to leverage the inherent benefits of ONDC. By joining ONDC via Mystore, Amazon sellers can grow their reach and get freedom from the monopolistic and predatory practices of Amazon. The biggest benefit that Amazon sellers get by joining ONDC through Mystore is a dramatically reduced commission, which is a fraction of the 25-35% commissions sellers pay when selling through Amazon.

Additionally, along with helping Amazon sellers use on-network logistics partners of ONDC, Mystore also simplifies fulfillment further by enabling sellers to use their preferred off-network logistics providers. Mystore also enables Amazon sellers to have their D2C Storefront. Amazon sellers can also connect their existing inventory management solutions with the Mystore platform. Sellers can engage their buyers better using built-in Mystore solutions that make their stores available in different languages. At present, Mystore supports English, Hindi and Kannada but is soon going to add Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali.

Mystore also offers a gamut of built-in features and tools to simplify online selling, tax compliance, invoicing and billing for Amazon sellers. Mystore with its built-in tax engine also offers automatic GST tax calculation (including IGST, CGST, and SGST rates based on the location of the buyers and sellers) and GST-compliant invoicing. Highlighting how the Mystore Amazon-Connect channel will help Amazon sellers, Mrs. Kriti Aggarwal, CPO/CMO & Co-Founder, Mystore said, “ONDC is going to turn the tide in favor of millions of sellers who considered Amazon to be their only option for going online. By offering a well-rounded, feature-rich and easy-to-use solution to leverage ONDC, Mystore offers a growth-oriented solution to Amazon sellers and helps them maximize the benefits of going online.

Mystore’s ONDC Amazon Channel will help Amazon sellers register a multi-channel presence, reach more customers, control their business policies, boost profit by paying lesser commissions and avail top-notch services from other network participants.” Mystore also offers extended services for sellers on other platforms with ONDC channels for WordPress, Magento and Shopify sellers.

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