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Now stay sanitized for 24 Hours with Just Human!

Now stay sanitized for 24 Hours with Just Human!


Now stay sanitized for 24 Hours with Just Human!

Knowing the current situation we are in right now, it is very important for us to keep ourselves sanitized every now and then. We all wished for a sanitizer that can keep us sanitized and germ-free all day long. Just Human is a revolutionary 24 Hour hand sanitizer that you have to use just once a day. It’s a game-changer for being the first-hand sanitizer that provides all-day protection.

The proprietary key used in the hand sanitizer was derived from an original formulation developed over 30 years ago. Since that time, it has been used in a wide array of consumer products. It has won various technology awards and was eventually re-engineered into a proprietary formulated alcohol base to extend its uses in other applications, such as a hand sanitizer.

The 24 Hour efficacy is backed by GLP Lab certification. Just Human 24 hour hand sanitizer is made with proprietary US technology. This product has received USFDA registration and DCGI clearance in India in late Dec. Just Human is a product of Swanrose, a company that has an ethos of local production to support jobs and families in the countries it sells in. Therefore it is locally manufactured in every country it is being sold in.

For the latter part of this year, Swanrose has lined up a range of other disruptive products slated for launch once again in both the US and Indian markets. The company has plans to enter other territories such as UAE and South America. All their products follow the vision of positively impacting humanity.

Now stay sanitized for 24 Hours with Just Human!

Now stay sanitized for 24 Hours with Just Human!

Just Human contains two specialized compounds that work together at a nano level. One compound has 70% Ethanol, as recommended by the CDC and WHO, which kills germs and viruses instantly. The other compound, an antimicrobial, forms a bionic shield made of non-toxic molecules that bind to your hand and provide a protective coating. This molecule has been nano-engineered to bind and pierces the cell walls of any micro-organism, thereby instantly killing it. Once the sanitizer dries, SPARS bind to the surface of the hand, providing a layer of active protection that, as lab testing shows, lasts for 24 hours.

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According to Roshini Sanah Jaiswal, CEO of Swanrose Inc said: “After many years – I have found my purpose with Swanrose – It combines my interests in science and technology with my desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Just Human 24 Hour Hand Sanitizer is precisely that -Smart Science designed beautifully” Life can now be much easier with Just Human sanitizers while they work all day to keep your hands super protected and virus-free, for 24 Hours.

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