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Startup Helps Unmarried Couples Book Rooms Without Hassle


Startup Helps Unmarried Couples Book Rooms Without Hassle

StayUncle helps book rooms on 10 and 12hour basis.

The world may have changed, but dating is still quite tough in India if you are looking for a room. With the moral police hounding every step and the conservative atmosphere making privacy a sweet fantasy, spending a few hours alone is a task fraught with fears.

The attitude of hotels towards unmarried couples is also ambiguous, and couples have to provide extensive ID proofs and marriage certificates in order to be allowed to rent a room for a full 24 hours whether they want to or not.

StayUncle has decided to combat this very issue. Aimed at allowing couples to rent rooms at a 10 or 12 hour basis, StayUncle wants to make privacy a harassment-free reality for unmarried couples in India. StayUncle has tie-ups with hotels in Delhi and Gurgaon as well as a few in Mumbai and is now expanding to other cities.

Stay Uncle is a three-member team: Blaze Arizanov, Nand Kr. Singh and Sanchit Sethi.

Interestingly, StayUncle has been in the picture since last year when it allowed the user to book rooms for a few hours but pay the full tariff. However, things changed when they started receiving enquiries from unmarried couples wishing to book a room for not more than 10 hours. They realized that there was a huge market in couples who were merely looking to spend some time alone.

StayUncle aims to give users a luxury experience in the few hours of stay and makes it clear that the objective is not to rent out rooms at a cheap rate.

Today, StayUncle has around 60 hotels in its list and the bookings per month shoot up to 300 and beyond. With a novel and bold concept, StayUncle seems to have hit the right chords among the urban youth.

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