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Trip Machine : Fuelling a growing Motorcycle Riding Culture & Lifestyle in India


Trip Machine : Fuelling a growing Motorcycle Riding Culture & Lifestyle in India

Motorcycles are not only a mode of transport many call it a freedom machine, and its a way of life. They are symbolic of many things for different people, a sense of liberation, or part of their personality and style. It is a culture which is very widespread in the western countries and has been initially steady but now rapidly picking up in India. Brands like Harley Davidson have become iconic globally by catering to this culture and passion for it. In India, Royal Enfield has been the poster boy of this culture. With the culture of riding igniting minds in India, many brands which are positioned differently like Triumph, Ducati, Benelli and more have been expanding their reach in India.

However, the culture of motorbiking is more than just owning a motorcycle. It is about the entire experience of riding, which includes a variety of riding gear, accessories etc. that add to the experience, Trip Machine, a company founded by Siddharth Singh has been trying to be the torchbearer of this culture in India.

“Trip Machine is not a product company; we are a lifestyle; we are a thought process, a culture”, says Siddharth Singh, Founder, Trip Machine. Being a biker himself, he understood the passion well and founded the company in 2014. He noticed the void in this space and the need for a quality ecosystem which could support the growing culture of motorbiking. An HR professional at the time, Siddharth moved to build leather products which suited the style and need of a motorbike enthusiast. Though he wasn’t savvy when it came to business operations and sales, he did resonate with the passion and the culture of motorbiking, which drove him to take this plunge.

His biggest challenge was to put his ideas into action within the available resources while running a sustainable business model. The company started small with limited capital that came primarily from his savings, and gradually built its way through the global markets.

During his journey of struggle, his family had been very supportive. “You really need a strong emotional and moral support to run something like this because all your so-called easy life goes away and you don’t know how it’s going to end up. My wife has been very excited and very supportive. She stood like a rock by my side during tough times”, Singh says.
The company has not needed external funding until now, and Singh does not intend to go out looking for it as well. He says, “I am an old school guy, if I need funds I’ll take a loan”. The company today makes a variety of products including Tank Bags, Saddle Bags, Grip Wraps, Shoe Protectors, Wallets and much more that are increasingly being appreciated not just in India but across the globe. Apart from India, they have a growing customer base across Europe, US, South Africa, Japan, Korea and more.

A loyal consumer base and word of mouth have driven trip Machine’s success. Now the brand is all set to venture into Coffee Business. Well, many would agree Brewing and riding go hand in hand!

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1 Comment

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