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Wellcurve Becomes India’s First Wellness Platform to Launch Video Commerce

Wellcurve Becomes India’s First Wellness Platform to Launch Video Commerce


Wellcurve Becomes India’s First Wellness Platform to Launch Video Commerce

Wellcurve, a health and wellness startup catering to consumer needs, announces becoming India’s first platform to launch Video Commerce through the community of health experts. 

Founded in 2019 by Nikhil Mehra, Wellcurve is a vertical commerce platform enabling users to shop for healthier food alternatives, and engage and interact with health and nutrition experts. It helps consumers to be educated about products and assists them in other health-related queries. Health awareness in the wake of the pandemic has shifted people’s focus toward healthier alternatives and prioritising their mental and physical wellbeing. 

“Wellcurve is the biggest platform in this Vertical Commerce space. We are now ready to disrupt the industry with community commerce with our health experts,” the Founder & CEO, Wellcurve, Nikhil Mehra said. “The community helps consumers to make the right buying choices supporting their health goals and connect them with the health experts who are now an integral part of the creator economy to reach out to a targeted audience segment,” he added. 

Wellcurve has witnessed a growth of 250 percent in GMV in the last six months with a 3X rise in the orders from consumers where 42 percent of the monthly orders are from repeat customers. The platform presently has over 1,500 varieties of curated nutritional products from leading brands and aims to make it to 2500 by the end of 2022. 

Wellcurve has built a community of over 300 health experts on its platform and enables consumers to be well aware of products through videos by them. So far, the startup has more than 500 videos on the platform which have been viewed over 100,000 times by consumers.  

 The startup envisions making healthy living affordable for people in India and educating them about the products they are using. With the launch of Video Commerce & live interaction via Community of Health Experts, the startup is garnering 5 percent of revenue through the same and is looking to target increasing it by 25 percent. Wellcurve also recently raised an undisclosed amount in a seed investment round led by Benevolent Capital and angel investor Tommy Rosen, one of the investors in Thrive Market, an organic food e-commerce platform in the US.

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