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Delhivery Empowers Women at Moga Hub: A Step Towards Gender Equality in Logistics

Delhivery all-women workforce


Delhivery Empowers Women at Moga Hub: A Step Towards Gender Equality in Logistics

In a progressive move celebrating International Women’s Day, Delhivery, India’s leading integrated logistics service provider, has transformed its Moga facility in Punjab into an all-woman-run hub. This initiative not only challenges gender stereotypes but also highlights the company’s commitment to inclusivity and gender diversity.

Situated in the heart of Punjab, Moga serves as a crucial center for Delhivery’s operations in the region. With this recent transformation, the entire hub’s operations, including BOPT operations, inventory management, and loading/unloading of trucks, will be managed exclusively by a dedicated team of women. Additionally, the facility will be supported by women-only housekeeping and security staff, ensuring a safe and supportive environment 24×7.

The women employed at the Moga hub, aged between 18 to 30 years, have undergone comprehensive training covering various aspects of logistics operations and Delhivery’s systems. This training not only equips them with the necessary skills but also empowers them to excel in their roles. Furthermore, the company provides reliable transportation facilities to ensure the convenience and safety of its employees, who reside within a 6-9 km radius of the facility.

Suraj Saharan, Chief People Officer and Co-Founder at Delhivery, emphasized the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, stating, “Our women workforce strength has grown 5 times over 3 years across all our operations facilities. We are determined to enable them to achieve their professional and personal milestones through our training and mentorship programs in a safe, inclusive work culture.”

Prior to joining Delhivery, many of the women at the Moga hub were employed in unorganized sectors. Their transition to formal employment not only provides them with a steady income but also makes them eligible for social security benefits such as PF and ESIC. Saharan highlighted the ambitious nature of the women staff, stating, “Punjab is an enterprising state, and its women too, are highly self-motivated and aspirational. They are at the right place–the growth opportunities at Delhivery are endless.”

Delhivery’s commitment to empowering women extends beyond the Moga hub. Recent milestones include a 90% women participation ratio at its Tauru Mega Gateway in Haryana and a 100% women participation ratio at its Jaipur Gateway in their processing operations. The company plans to replicate this success by opening more all-women operations facilities, with the next two slated to be in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

As Delhivery continues to champion gender equality and inclusivity in the logistics industry, its efforts serve as an inspiration for other companies to create more opportunities for women in traditionally male-dominated sectors. By empowering women and providing them with a platform to showcase their talents, Delhivery is not only transforming the lives of its employees but also setting a benchmark for diversity and inclusivity in the corporate world.

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