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Delhivery Celebrates International Women’s Day by Transforming Moga Facility into All-Woman-Run Hub

Delhivery's All-Woman-Run Hub in Moga


Delhivery Celebrates International Women’s Day by Transforming Moga Facility into All-Woman-Run Hub

Delhivery, India’s largest integrated logistics service provider, has made a significant stride towards gender equality by transforming its Moga facility in Punjab into an all-woman-run hub. This transformation, announced ahead of International Women’s Day, aims to challenge gender stereotypes in the logistics industry and promote inclusivity.

The Moga hub, a crucial center of Delhivery’s operations in Punjab, will now be managed entirely by women. This includes end-to-end operations such as BOPT operations (battery-operated pallet trucks), inventory management, and loading/unloading of trucks. Additionally, the facility will have women-only housekeeping and security staff to ensure round-the-clock support. The women employees, aged between 18 to 30 years, have undergone specialized training on processes, shipment handling, key metrics, and Delhivery systems to excel in their new roles.

Suraj Saharan, Chief People Officer and Co-Founder at Delhivery, emphasized the company’s commitment to diversity, stating, “We value diversity and are continuously striving to onboard more women colleagues across operations and corporate roles. Our women workforce strength has grown five times over three years across all our operations facilities.”

Delhivery's All-Woman-Run Hub in Moga 1

Before joining Delhivery, many of the new recruits in Moga were working in unorganized setups. Their transition to the formal logistics sector not only provides them with a stable income but also makes them eligible for social security benefits such as PF and ESIC. Saharan highlighted the entrepreneurial spirit of Punjab’s women, stating, “Punjab is an enterprising state, and its women too, are highly self-motivated and aspirational. Through our interactions with the women staff, we were pleased to know that they harbor big growth ambitions. They are at the right place–the growth opportunities at Delhivery are endless.”

Delhivery has also achieved significant milestones in its other facilities, with its Tauru Mega Gateway in Haryana achieving a 90% women participation ratio, and the Jaipur Gateway achieving 100% women participation in their processing operations.

Looking ahead, Delhivery plans to open more all-women operations facilities, with the next two scheduled to be in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The company remains dedicated to enabling women to achieve their professional and personal milestones through training and mentorship programs in a safe, inclusive work culture.

The transformation of the Moga facility into an all-woman-run hub not only symbolizes Delhivery’s commitment to gender equality but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for women in the logistics industry, encouraging them to break barriers and pursue their dreams.

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