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Mrs. Sangita Jindal Joins British Asian Trust’s India Advisory Council, Promoting Social Change and Women’s Empowerment

Mrs. Sangita Jindal Joins British Asian Trust's India Advisory Council


Mrs. Sangita Jindal Joins British Asian Trust’s India Advisory Council, Promoting Social Change and Women’s Empowerment

Mrs. Sangita Jindal, the Chairperson of JSW Foundation, has been appointed to the India Advisory Council of the British Asian Trust. In this role, Mrs. Jindal will collaborate with the Trust to drive positive change in India through innovative philanthropic and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Her appointment marks a significant step in the Trust’s mission to leverage private sector resources and the South Asian diaspora to support vulnerable communities across India.

The British Asian Trust is known for its pioneering work in social finance, with a strong track record of using outcomes-based financing to tackle some of India’s most pressing challenges. Over the past six years, the Trust has developed and implemented India’s largest development impact bonds (DIBs) in areas such as education, skill development, and employment. Mrs. Jindal’s inclusion in the Advisory Council adds a powerful voice and influential leadership to the Trust’s efforts.

Championing Equitable Development

Upon her appointment, Mrs. Jindal expressed her commitment to supporting India’s ambitious economic goals. She stated, “India’s journey to become a US$ 7 trillion economy by 2030 calls for managing challenges and opportunities by ensuring equitable access to quality education, healthcare, skilling, and job opportunities, especially for women and children. This requires striking a fine balance between our nation’s development priorities and protecting its bountiful biodiversity. Social financing will play a catalytic role in meeting these developmental objectives. I look forward to making a meaningful contribution in this direction.”

Mrs. Jindal’s remarks underscore the critical need for balanced and inclusive growth in India, emphasizing that economic progress must go hand-in-hand with social equity and environmental sustainability.

Leveraging Social Finance for Impact

Bharath Visweswariah, Executive Director of the British Asian Trust in India, welcomed Mrs. Jindal to the Advisory Council, noting her long-standing support for innovative ideas in women’s empowerment. “We are honoured to have Mrs. Sangita Jindal join our India Advisory Council. She has been a steadfast supporter of innovative ideas for women’s empowerment, demonstrated through her support of our Skill Impact Bond. Mrs. Jindal’s insights and experience will be invaluable to scaling our initiatives in education, livelihoods, and gender, that aim to help create a Viksit Bharat,” said Visweswariah.

The Skill Impact Bond, a notable collaboration between JSW Foundation and the British Asian Trust, exemplifies the kind of innovative social finance solutions that Mrs. Jindal champions. Launched in 2021, this US$ 14.4 million bond is India’s first and largest impact bond focused on employment, particularly aimed at increasing female workforce participation. The initiative aims to reach 50,000 young Indians, 60% of whom are women, over four years by providing them with skills training and wage employment in sectors such as retail, apparel, healthcare, and logistics.

Transformative Impact

The Skill Impact Bond has already made significant strides, having reached more than 24,000 youth across 24 states in India, with over 70% of trainees being women. This transformative program is not only enhancing employability but also addressing critical issues of job retention and economic independence among women, thereby contributing to broader societal change.

Mrs. Jindal’s leadership and advocacy for the Skill Impact Bond reflect her broader vision for India’s development. As a member of the India Advisory Council, she will help steer the British Asian Trust’s efforts to expand these initiatives and achieve even greater impact. Her role will be pivotal in ensuring that the Trust’s programs align with India’s development priorities and continue to deliver measurable outcomes.

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