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Impact of smartphone-based learning content on K-12 students – from Byju’s

smartphone-based learning
According to Byju's findings 94% students say that learning is fun and exciting through a smartphone

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Impact of smartphone-based learning content on K-12 students – from Byju’s

India’s ed-tech company and creator of the largest K-12 app, Byju’s released the findings of the ‘Impact of smartphone-based learning content on K-12 students’ today. The findings have offered a new perspective of how smartphone-based learning is helping children learn on their own along with how it enables them to finish their lessons faster.

Smartphones are being increasingly adopted by India’s school going children as ‘learning devices’ by students across varied grades and geographies. It is indicative of how technology is changing the landscape of learning among children of different age groups coursing a whole new way of learning for today’s generation.

Backed by research, Byju’s is a content-first tech enabled platform with an in-house R&D Team that aims to use technology at every step to make learning engaging and accessible. They also encourage teachers to use tools like in-air projections and concept visualisations to make learning interactive and adaptive for every student.

Here are some of the interesting insights from parents and children using the app:

smartphone-based learning

Pravin Prakash, Co-founder, BYJU’s said, “Our study reveals how technology can make a big impact in making learning more engaging for students. Use of technology in education introduces a whole new dimension to the way children learn and are taught. We have seen some great growth stories of students who have been using our app. The fact that parents are telling us how the sense of self-study is getting imbibed in their child because of learning via technology is a great testament to the quality of our products.  Today, a lot of students across grades increasingly understand the benefit of learning the basics of every concept as opposed to just memorizing before the exam.”

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