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Ritesh Khokhar at WorldMusicDay 2013


Ritesh Khokhar at WorldMusicDay 2013

Ritesh Khokhar at WorldMusicDay 2013″ artistname=”Bandish” content=”Sound Plunge Pvt. Ltd. is a comprehensive music and entertainment company with its core focus on independent music. The independent music scene in India is on the rise and more and more people are beginning to realise the wealth of talent and culture that this country has to offer globally. Driven by our passion for music and culture, and equipped with our individual professional experience, we at Sound Plune have come together to become a force in this still fledgling but very high potential industry.” ][tleftadvt][morevideos videoname1=”Surojit Dev at WorldMusicDay 2013″ videoid1=”3bIQUDuGY3Q” videoname2=”Amit Kilam at WorldMusicDay 2013″ videoid2=”wvjEOPy8bV4″ videoname3=”Indraneel at WorldMusicDay 2013″ videoid3=”Pomeuy12yNQ” videoname4=”World Music Day 2013″ videoid4=”wYDrW3dr0-U” videoname5=”Talk with Ashwini Chaudhary about WorldMusicDay 2013″ videoid5=”NLb2wAPzyy4″ videoname6=”Rahul Ram at WorldMusicDay 2013″ videoid6=”g_7jR_xWG5k” ][trightadvt][commentbox][bottomadvt]

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