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The Root of all Terror – Rohan Talsania


The Root of all Terror – Rohan Talsania

Rohaan Talsania dissects the Orange Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Guitar Amp

For years now, tube amps have been Jim Roots weapon of choice and “Orange amplification” his warcry. On collaborating with Orange, Jim has the priveledge of playing on amps like the Rockerverb 100, Orange 40th anniversary amps, Thunderverb and cabinets like the PPC412. Its safe to say, you and I may never possess any of the above. However, Jim with his evil looking masks and riffs genuinely cares for his fans. Which is why Orange amps and him came together to create a pocket friendly redition of his Rockerverb 100. The lovechild of this collaboration was the “Orange Signature #4 Jim Root Terror”.

So now we figure out what exactly the JR Terror is made up of. This black box has a face plate like its predecessors where the EQ, gain and volume controls are represented as Orange say, by “pics only”. Which means that symbols are the only indication of gain, volume, bass, mids and treble? While we love the use of symbols, a novice would be left confused as to what knob does what function. Apart from that, the amp is constructed in a same steel casing as its terror series brethrin. Okay… So we know its strong but, whats inside? Well, 3 preamp tubes, 2 power amp tubes and a single tube drove FX Loop to say the least. While the power amp section is well equipped with two EL84′s, the preamp section boasts of three 12AX7′s and a 12AT7 driven FX loop. Thats six tubes…Little too much for a 15watt amplifier? We think not. The #4 Jim Root Terror is LOUD and juices out a screeching tone like no other in its class. But, since not all of us like it loud, the amp allows you to drop down to 7watts and still give you a brain-melting tone. 12 inches wide, the amp with a big white “Orange” decal on its face is comparatively small and cute-looking. But, don’t let its look fool you. This small package comes with a BIG bang.

We started off by plugging in a Godin Redline 2, stock fitted with an active EMG 81 and 85 pickup combination. The amp head was plugged into the signature #4 Jim Root PPC212 speaker enclosure specially designed for it. With volume at 12o’clock, EQ bands set at 12 o’clock and gain set all the way up, we were ready. What followed was unfathomable. So much gain that it could ressurect the dead. We decided to step it up and push the amp. With the bass and treble all the way up, we cut off the mids entirely. The tone that the amp put out can be best compared to the earlier works of Metallica and Megadeth with an excessive amount of gain. Definitely a metal guitarists dream tone. The same setting could be used for those people who are trying their hand at dgent or experimenting with a low-mid setting. On reducing the gain, we realised that the amp was incapable of providing a satisfactory clean tone. Then again, its not a clean amp nor is it for the faint hearted. If you’re looking for a clean amp, then you’re reading the wrong review. The Jim Root head is a mean amplifier which loves to growl and scream. That’s all it will do. While that does not imply that the amp appeals only to metal heads, alt-rock fanatics can also find much use for an amp like this.

At Rs.36,850/- it’s a great amp for any guitarist and gain monger . In fact, at that price, it outdoes several expensive high gain amps. With complete conviction, its safe to say that its a mini rocker verb with a bite. A must have for any guitarist looking for a high gain tube amp within a budget. Not very hard to find, Orange amps are distributed by Bhargava’s Musik.

PRONS– Easy to carry; Looks good; and the Complimentary gig bag provided by Orange seals the deal.

CONS– It’s not orange in color.

RATING – 372792_30564973150_1998705662_q[1]372792_30564973150_1998705662_q[1]372792_30564973150_1998705662_q[1]372792_30564973150_1998705662_q[1]372792_30564973150_1998705662_q[1]

Rohaan Talsania is a guitarist and online marketing manager and brand developer at Bhargava’s Musik. He appreciates guitar-centric music and anything fried and filled with cheese.

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