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From love of space exploration to technology driven startup – Flytta: CEO Rahul Kanuganti

From love of space exploration to technology driven startup – Flytta: CEO Rahul Kanuganti
Rahul Kanuganti, Founder & CEO of Flytta, has led the business to sign up more than 20 companies.


From love of space exploration to technology driven startup – Flytta: CEO Rahul Kanuganti

Flytta, Hyderabad based startup, uses it advanced technology platform and process-driven approach to ensure peak operational efficiency, seamless connectivity between all stakeholders at all times, automated status updates, an automated documentation. The platform enables enterprises, helping HR/Admin Teams to track the moving process, monitor dashboards, personal move based on the Policy etc. all in one place, integrated in the ERP systems.

Rahul Kanuganti, Founder & CEO of Flytta, has led the business to sign up more than 20 companies and successfully raised a seed round for the company. In an exclusive interaction with MyBigPlunge, Rahul Kanuganti discusses his passion for space and his startup:

What triggered your passion for space exploration during your college days?

Since childhood I always aspired to build a machine that helps humans. I started to pursue a Bachelors in Mechanical engineering in 2012, but soon, I was bored with the regular curriculum. My seniors from college were working in NASA, associated in some or the other way. Their work on developing futuristic technologies inspired me. Hence I took a step up and built a rover which could assist humans. That changed everything.

What are your views on India’s future in space exploration?

Privatization of the space industry had just begun in India. A lot of startups are now building next generation technologies in the Space Industry and with funding happening, there is phenomenal growth down the line. India is known for its frugal Innovation which solves the problems of India and the world.

Do you plan on going into space like a tourist via SpaceX?

Of course, that’s my dream. I started to save money to buy a ticket for my space travel soon. I am sure someday, space travel will become affordable for everyone.

What would you tell youth, especially girls/women about taking up space science and explorations as a career opportunity?

Women are thriving in the space Industry, Sunitha Williams, Kalpana Chawla and recently Sirisha Bandla etc. They carved out a place for themselves in an industry that was controlled by men for decades – they have shown the world that even the sky is not the limit. Women are great at multi-tasking. I feel they have the necessary skills and talent to even lead this Industry. My message is more towards the parents of young girls to allow them to explore their interest in science and space through different events and competitions.

How was your experience at MIT?

MIT was a short experience that helped me build entrepreneurship skills and perceive entrepreneurship from a global perspective.  It was quite enriching in making me take up entrepreneurship seriously.

What was your inspiration to become an entrepreneur?

I never thought I would be an entrepreneur, I just love solving big problems, and Flytta happened accidentally. Entrepreneurship is often not planned, however once i came back from MIT, it had become clear that i wanted to build a business myself. My advisors and investors inspired me to put my head down and start building a product that truly solves a problem, in my case its asset and employee mobility in a seamless manner. Today, i get inspired by my team members.

Why did you choose the logistics and supply chain industry to establish yourself as an entrepreneur?

The moving Industry has a gamut of problems, we are solving these one-by-one. We are building an operating system for the global logistics industry. There is a dire need for this now. I have personally experienced many challenges as a customer in relocations and I feel we need a solution for grass roots. This is why i chose this area to build a really seamless solution that helps organizations and customers track every moving part effectively from a single dashboard.

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What is Flytta about?

Flytta is a Technology driven moving platform. Pack and Move your house, or a single laptop or a complete office  to say Ladakh, or Rameswaram or any remote location across India with a couple of clicks on your mobile, you can move them all by using Flytta’s platform.

Prior to starting FLYTTA, Rahul built India’s first Mars Rover along with Mars Society USA and NASA. He has a deep interest in space exploration and the engineering behind it. At FLYTTA, Rahul’s vision is to build an intelligent mobility platform that enables enterprises to seamlessly and efficiently move employees and resources. He holds a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Hindustan University

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