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Paperplane raises Rs 3 crores from Cornerstone Venture Partners, others

Paperplane raises Rs 3 crores from Cornerstone Venture Partners, others

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Paperplane raises Rs 3 crores from Cornerstone Venture Partners, others

Paperplane an AI-first Digital Clinic for doctors, dentists and other medical practitioners across multiple therapeutic areas today announced that it has raised a round of INR 3 crores.

The round saw participation from Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund, LetsVenture, 100X.VC and various angel investors. The startup had earlier raised a round that saw participation from LetsVenture and 100x.VC. Paperplane Digital Clinic enables these practitioners to manage their practice efficiently, expand the practice pan-India without any additional capital expenditure and engage with their patients remotely and regularly using an automated platform.

Paperplane founded in 2021 by Devansh Swarup, Dhruv Upadhyay, Aryan Pandey, and Varun Goel batchmates from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, identified the need for an automated practice management platform for medical practitioners in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, when doctors were unable to consult and treat their patients at scale in physical clinics.Today, the platform is being used by 500+ medical practitioners, serving 100,000+ patients across the country. The Paperplane community is growing at >50% m-o-m due to its easy to adopt features and minimal disruptions in the entire consulting process. The current funds raised will be utilized for enhancing sales capabilities and Product Development.

Commenting on the fundraise Devansh Swarup, CEO said “The CoVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for doctors to consult and treat patients at scale in physical clinics. Paperplane was born out of a motivation to ease this load on medical practitioners of patient management, so that they can focus more on diagnosis and treatment. The fresh round of funding will help us further improve AI-based practice management platform and amplify its reach”

“Paperplane’s vision of building a unified healthcare platform for India is centered around doctors. The platform is extremely easy to set-up, automates and simplifies clinic operations – all the way from appointments to prescriptions to follow-ups, and thus enables doctors to seamlessly manage patient relationships and engagement. With no change in behavior needed on the patient’s behalf, such a platform is exactly what’s needed to deliver healthcare services at scale in India – this is evident from the significant adoption we are seeing in the smaller cities and towns already! We are excited to be a part of this journey and look forward to scaling this with the founders” – Commented Vatsal Bavishi, Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund.

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With partner doctors and medical practitioners seeing upto 50% increase in patient retention and timely follow-ups, the intelligent algorithms can automate appointment scheduling, reminders, feedback, vital collection, and follow-ups, providing a seamless patient engagement between digital clinic and physical clinic.

The AI-based automation enabled doctors to consult more patients per day, focus on value-adding tasks like prescription, follow-ups, etc. rather than spend time on clinic management, appointment scheduling, etc. This automation on the Paperplane platform helps saving upto 25% of cost & effort for doctors, enabling them to focus on consulting more patients per day. For patients, there is no change in their existing behavior or relationship with their doctor. They continue to interact with their existing doctors via WhatsApp . They can avail digital prescription, automated follow-ups and reminders, ability to book lab-tests and order medicines – all via Whatsapp chat.

The Company’s vision is to enable doctors and medical practitioners to provide quality healthcare to every Indian at an affordable cost.

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