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5 exciting start-up business ideas



5 exciting start-up business ideas

Today the world is being run by entrepreneurs. The world of technology has opened doors to new ideas of funding like crowd sourcing, increased our network strength with social media; backed with great ideas of e-commerce in a start-up era. Given this scenario, it is not absolutely necessary to have deep pockets, an MBA degree, or a lot of luck to start a new business. A simple, innovative idea can build a sustainable profit generating business unit. Better still, there are many more opportunities to help you be your own boss, and peep beyond the cubicles of an office.

We share with you some compelling, easy-to-start businesses ideas. This may include ideas spanning across sectors, customer segments, and with different capital requirements. All you require is common sense, determination, and commitment to implement it.

Online Internet Researcher: Getting paid for your e-surfing efforts is both a cool and viable idea. We all surf the web daily, so why not pose it as a full professional service offering. Get paid on an hourly basis, giving both quantifiable and qualitative results. It is a scalable business model also. A minimum investment is required — only a computer and a high-speed internet access can set the initial protocols of delivery. Initial marketing efforts will be required to reach out to the right set of people, with an appetite for an estimated content download.

Generation C health clubs: The digital generation is becoming more and more health conscious. There are new apps being downloaded to count your steps, or calories burnt at every step. A new app which measures the pollution level (PM) in the air is also a downloadable trend. This is being done to measure the appropriate time of exercise where a morning walk or an evening jog is not bound by any standard. This is a clear indication of rebranding for the many gyms and health clubs to become trendier. Targeting a health club concept for young members is a capitalizing idea.

Mobile consulting: Many companies are re-inventing ways to make use of the expanding mobile user segment base, and even inside a corporate set up the reliance on use of mobile phones is expanding at each moment. While we have social media marketing consultants, a parallel business opportunity is hidden in the mobile consulting concept. Being able to provide affordable mobile solutions to business can be a rich opportunity. It simply means finding new ways to go mobile in, and outside the organization.

Salon consulting: With the average life span in India increasing, we will need to be more equipped to groom the senior citizen population. There have been many new ideas to provide healthcare assistance to old people. It is also a good idea to extend this service to include a mobile salon, which provides hair, or beauty care at their doorstep. A professional service of repute will do the trick in the business.

Food vending machines– No, I am not talking about your regular chips and drinks vending machines at the metro stations. It’s a common sight to spot such vending machines. What about the health conscious people out there? It’s a good idea to introduce healthier options on the go. A wellness oriented vending machine giving you healthier food and beverage holds huge potential. A protein shake dhabha concept can be shifted outdoor, than being a long secret trapped at a personal gym. Also, it is a healthy alternative to canteens in schools and colleges.

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