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Mobile gifting startup Bouxtie to explore new markets, eyes India



Mobile gifting startup Bouxtie to explore new markets, eyes India

Renato Libric, founder of San Franciso based digital gifting startup-Bouxtie, is currently touring continents in a bid to explore newer markets. On his journey across 3 continents and 12 cities, Libric made a stop at Chennai and Bangalore and expressed confidence in India as a potential market for Bouxtie. The startup has already raised $2.7 million out of the targeted $5 million investment set for India.

Founded in 2013, the startup allows users to send personalized gift cards in a digital format via mobile or other device. The user can also forward videos, share gift vouchers and gift cards that can be shared through social media platforms. The retailer is also benefited as middlemen are eliminated and payments are made real time.


Bouxtie is looking to cash in on the corporate sector that relies on gift vouchers and cards to reward their employees on occasions. Bouxtie ensures that vouchers and cards can be availed digitally from anywhere. The startup has also tied up with an airlines company that uses Bouxtie apology cards and vouchers to gift users in case of delays. They can avail the vouchers in the retail shops within the airport itself.

Bouxtie provides endorsement opportunities to retailers as well. Today, Bouxtie is set for a massive expansion with Lubric looking at new markets in Australia, Hong Kong, Turkey, UK, Singapore and India.

Source: Times of India

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