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StartUp Envoia Robotech Technologies Pvt Ltd receives seed capital

StartUp Envoia Robotech Technologies Pvt Ltd receives seed capital from Chitkara University

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StartUp Envoia Robotech Technologies Pvt Ltd receives seed capital

Start Up Envoia Robotech Technologies Pvt Ltd has received seed capital for its venture to set up robotic labs in different schools across India to make students future ready. The seed capital has been given by Chitkara University from its Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation (CIIF) and Startup India.

Thanking his alma mater Chitkara University for the seed capital for his venture Envoia Robotech Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Founder Akshay Ahuja states: “The National Education Policy has made it mandatory for schools to introduce Robotics and Coding as a part of their curriculum. In line with this I set up start-up Envoia Robotech Technologies Pvt Ltd. Terming it “Mission Transformation Labs”, we are providing Transformation Labs worth INR 10 Lakhs in just INR 3 Lakhs.”

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The seed fund will assist him in rapidly scaling his firm, and will also help the start up in capturing a significant share of the market in the near future. Commenting on the launch Akshay Ahuja states: “I did not want any child to suffer the way a visual learner like me did due to lack of facilities in the education system. Being an edupreneur we must pay back to society once we become capable enough and I have started doing the same.” Parent company Robochamps has so far established many such labs across the country. Set up by Akshay in 2016, the vision of Robochamps is to revolutionise education and move it from being less theoretical and more practical and provide a “Hands-on Practice” experience to students.

The struggle was immense in order to make schools and educators believe in a start up and adopt their product. It was all the more difficult as robotics and coding were subjects which were still in the nascent stage and schools were not too keen on investing in such new practices. The first such lab was set up in a school in the small city of Banga in Punjab. Then came the setting up of Indian School Awards in 2017 which had 50 schools participating. The following year the Awards became international and were held in Dubai and were attended by 500 schools and the brand Robochamps became international. Currently, Robochamps has set up labs in over 100 schools and is present in more than 85 cities in the country.

The robotics labs are well equipped with the latest technology and the tools are well designed for the students. With the current seed capital the company is aiming to create over 500 labs in coding and robotics. Robochamps has also created two World Records and has set its eyes on more achievements. In addition, its students have made their places in national and international publications. It has also created many prodigies who have made ventilators, home automation systems, hand sanitizer dispensers, etc. Mission Transformation Labs is especially dedicated to revolutionizing the education sector. The vision is to leave no stone unturned in transforming and making every school technically equipped.

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