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Is India on its path to become the world’s largest startup nation?


Is India on its path to become the world’s largest startup nation?

According to Quartz, Indian startups secured a mammoth $5 billion in investment funding in 2014 – almost tripling what was invested the year before. India is now the fastest growing startup country in the year, and it’s estimated that in the half-a-decade, almost 12,000 startups will be up and running.

The launch of InMobi in 2007 was what gave India, a taste of entrepreneurial success. The company soon went on to become the second largest mobile ad network in the world. Today, service apps like PepperTap, ZopNow and Grofers and mobile payment apps like FreeCharge and Appmoney are flourishing in the Indian startup industry. These startups thrive purely on networking different fields together. FreeCharge and Appmoney for example, gives its users the chance to recharge their mobile currency while linking e-commerce mobile coupons.

Indian startups are currently bringing in several million-dollar investments from Silicon Valley’s top investment firms like Sequoia Capital, one of the most prestigious ones in the world that believes in the power of startups.

Things are changing in the Indian finance regulations as well. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) recently announced separate regulations for startups that want to list in India. These changes include setting up a crowdfunding platform and tweaking regulations around IPO filings. This could be a great assist for Indian entrepreneurs who want to list in their home country.
All the pieces are in place and startups and investors are making India a hub of economic activity, despite these regulations. Right now, India has the opportunity to rival Silicon Valley in value or stand to lose some of its brightest entrepreneurs, most popular startups and all their IPs to greener pastures.

You can read the original story at Huffington Post India.

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