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Is Outsourcing the App Testing a Good Idea for Businesses?

Is Outsourcing the App Testing a Good Idea for Businesses?


Is Outsourcing the App Testing a Good Idea for Businesses?

Is Outsourcing the App Testing a Good Idea for Businesses?

How many times have you pondered over the idea of getting your mobile app testing done by external developers? And how many times have you agreed on this being a good idea? Well, these questions could be subjective and depend upon the companies, but most of the startup businesses struggle to decide whether they should be getting their app tested from their in-house team of developers, or is it better to outsource them to a testing agency?

Mobile apps, instead of only making things easier for users, have also become the crux of digital transformation. The things which were not possible a decade ago have now seemingly become feasible. Most businesses are leveraging the benefit of varieties of apps to increase their engagement and build brand awareness. But a major process that counts the success of an app is testing.

While developers are responsible for everything that goes right or wrong with a particular app, the testers would equally be blamed. In a high competency ratio where mobile apps are becoming a must-have thing for users, businesses should be mindful of offering something to the end-user that interests them and is free from all bugs.

In this article, we will understand in what ways outsourcing of app testing can facilitate businesses and why it is important.

4 Major Reasons Why Outsourcing App Testing Would Be Beneficial for Businesses

The application testing phase is said to be crucial for businesses. Since the market is getting overcrowded with the release of new and innovative apps every day, how do you think it will be making any difference if users turn it down in the first case due to its defectiveness. Software testing has now become the need of businesses; therefore, it is significant to decide the astute testing team that has the right and cost-effective methodologies to identify the defects.


Hiring amateur resources, providing them training, and then getting them on-board for app testing is such an old-school method. The new era needs avant-garde techniques and a seasoned team of testers who are already trained in their profession. Outsourcing your app testing can help you save a lot, plus the experts would handle your testing course. It is true that specialized testing involves cost, and by handing over all the responsibilities to the external agency, there are a lot of things a business can save into. The startups who have just begun with the business lack resources, too, and outsourcing testing activities to outsiders would be proven beneficial to them.

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Comprehensive Bug Report

When the testers perform analysis and testing on an app, they are required to prepare a complete description of how the testing went, what are the issues and errors they found. The whole statement is prepared concerning the bug reporting mechanism. Those who are proficient in the field of software testing and doing it for years now have got sound knowledge on creating effective test reports using the tools like Shake SDK. They provide a descriptive report on what was found during the process because developers would like to see the overall testing progress and coverage to rectify any error. Connecting with a talented bunch of testers helps businesses to identify and fix even the minor bugs in their app.

 Clear Objective

Since the development of apps has garnered larger markets, which are resulting in increased business, most of the small businesses are inclining towards agencies that are integrating services of development and testing in particular. So, this way, businesses can save extra time on implementing the testing task to the same team that has developed the app. It becomes difficult to find errors in the content you yourself have written. Similarly, those who have developed the app might not be able to recognize all the bugs. On the other hand, outsourcing an app for testing gives it a whole new perspective to look for bugs and errors.

Ethical approach

The in-house testers can have confined exposure to the app. On the other hand, the external testers would examine it comprehensively and will follow an ethical approach, too, in doing so. A testing agency that is operating with the various modus operandi and methods to test the app would have extensive experience in different kinds of software testing. Therefore, they are proficient enough to pour their learning and experience from previous projects and go beyond the tried and true app testing method. Unlike an in-house team of developers, these seasoned testers will look for fixing the app’s critical functionalities.


A hunt for the best software testing agency is not an easy task to pull off. One has to keep in mind the variety of things such as their testing goals, the type of app they want to outsource, and, more importantly, the budget. While hiring testers from an agency, it is crucial to understand whether the team will meet your technical requirements and how they are going to execute the software testing process effectively.

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