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Things to Know Before Buying Electrical Switchboards

Things to Know Before Buying Electrical Switchboards


Things to Know Before Buying Electrical Switchboards

A switchboard is a type of electrical appliance used to transfer electricity from one electrical source to another. It plays a significant role in the process of power distribution. There are numerous electric panels in it. Switches that reroute power are included on every electric panel. A single large panel or a group of electrical panels with switches and other power control devices mounted on them make up an electrical switchboard.

Controlling the flow of power is the electrical switchboard’s primary function. It distributes the various smaller pieces of the main current delivered to it to the gadgets. Switchboards specifically provide power to transformers, panels, and other equipment, and from there, power is distributed further.

Main switchboard structures

Switchboards are made up of numerous electronic components, such as:

Busbars: Busbars, also known as the bus, are made of copper or aluminium strips and transport electricity from cable conductors to the circuit’s linked devices. They may also play a key role in protecting your safety. Relays or switchgear, which de-energize equipment and manage problems, are connected to busbars. Relays or switchgear are a combination of electrical disconnects and breakers.

Electrical Panels: Numerous electrical panels that direct electricity makes up a switchboard. While bigger buildings often have many panels on which power control equipment is located, smaller buildings may just have one electrical panel. Additionally, switches that stop or regulate a circuit’s flow are housed in electrical panels.

Protective Devices: The simple distribution of electricity is insufficient. Switchboards have safety features included to guarantee that your house is fully functional and safe. A circuit breaker or a fuse is installed in every circuit. When high voltages are dispersed within a single circuit, this occurs. This avoids an appliance or area experiencing an electrical overload.


Different Types of Electrical Switchboards

General Purpose Switchboards: Fused switches, integrated insulated case circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, metering, and surge protection are all possible additions to general-purpose switchboards. A general-purpose switchboard can handle many switchboard applications.

Fusible Switchboards: Fusible switchboards are intended to switch and safeguard feeder and branch circuits in commercial, industrial, and service entrance applications. Each panelboard unit has a switching contact structure with an instantaneous trip element.

Commercial Metering Switchboards: Circuit breakers, chassis, surge protection, and meter sockets are all combined in one engineered component on commercial metering switchboards. The utility may specify the use of electronic tenant meters or bulb-type watt-hour meters for metering.

Commercial multi-metering switchboards provide electrical system distribution and metering for shopping malls, office buildings, and other commercial multi-metering applications.

Draw-out Molded Case Switchboards: With the additional functionality of providing a draw-out capability for one or more feeder breakers, draw-out moulded case switchboards offer the same fundamental capabilities as a general-purpose switchboard. To minimize system downtime when changing a breaker, draw-out moulded case switchboards are frequently used in essential applications like healthcare and data centres.

Pow-R-Line XD Switchboard: Switchboards can now draw out power breakers and circuit breakers with moulded cases, which are commonly seen in low-voltage switchgear assemblies. These switchboards support greater current-rated power breakers and have a smaller overall footprint, but they need back access to barrier cable compartments.

Generator Quick Connect Switchboards: Generator quick connect switchboards are customized switchboards created to make it possible to connect a mobile generator quickly and safely to the electrical system of a building. 

Purchase Top-Quality Electrical Switchboards

Switchboards are major components in an electrical setup. Having a good quality switchboard ensures that the electrical connection functions properly.  Therefore, do your research carefully and pick your supplier accordingly. Get in touch with them with the email id and phone number provided on their website. Once you communicate your requirement, you can get the electrical switchboards installed, and with good companies, you can also avail of the discount.


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