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Third edition of Gumball India to take place in March 2023

Third edition of Gumball India to take place in March 2023


Third edition of Gumball India to take place in March 2023

Gumball India 2022 will now be happening in March 2023.  Postponed due to elections in Gujarat and Himachal, the event will now take place in March 2023. The third annual event organized by InCarNation Sports, Gumball India Endurance Rally is all about adrenaline and endurance. As one of the most awaited driving challenges in India, Gumball India will witness approximately 50 participants this year from all across the country.

 The driving challenge will require participants to drive across India non-stop for 3700 km – 4000 km between two centers covering a minimum distance and navigating through multiple checkpoints. Every stop the drivers make whether, for fuel, meal, or bio breaks will be clocked as a penalty and added to their final distance covered.

 This year the rally will begin and culminate at Hotel Solitaire, Dehradun. Around 25 teams will compete for the winner’s title. The participants are free to choose their route as long as they check in at all the earmarked checkpoints.

Gumball India is not about speed but about endurance and strategy! With no set path for the rally, the drivers are required to map out the shortest route between two centers all the while garnering the opportunity to explore the relatively unknown territories of India. The checkpoints peppered across central India will only be revealed to the participants at the start.

Every car crew will comprise two people who will be required to swap drive time to finish the rally. Every car will be fitted with a GPS logger to accumulate data pertaining to the distance covered, all the checkpoints visited, rest duration, and time is taken. In the end, this data will be used to compute the results for each team.

InCarNation Sports is known for its unique initiatives for motoring enthusiasts and this challenge is no different. Gumball India is a challenge that pushes drivers not for speed but for teamwork, navigation, strategy, planning, and perseverance while enjoying driving through our beautiful nation. It is a testament to bringing together the two factors that our participants enjoy the most – driving and a driving challenge!

 “Gumball India was started with the idea to bring together driving enthusiasts from all over the country. Gumball India’s slogan One Nation – One People reflects the same. This year also for the third edition we will be hosting participants from all over the country. This is not just a driving competition but an opportunity and a celebration of discovering our beautiful nation as well.”, shared Mr Sudev Barar, Founder of InCarNation Sports. 

InCarNation Sports was founded in 2012 by Sudev Barar with a vision to create and promote motoring activities. A pioneer in this field, the company helps young professionals from all walks of life explore new and engaging formats of driving competitions. InCarNation Sports aims at bringing together individuals with one common interest – motoring. With the growth and awareness about adventure sports, the youth of the country is also discovering hidden gems with alternative lifestyles, adventure sports and active lifestyle communities. This is where InCarnation Sports comes in. The company aims at bringing together individuals with one common interest – motoring.

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