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Celebration and festive season shopping has changed but the intent remains


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Celebration and festive season shopping has changed but the intent remains

India is a land of festivals. And it forms an integral part of our culture. While there are festivals that are specific to certain geographies like Lohri (north) or Pongal (south), we also have festivals like Diwali which are celebrated all across the nation irrespective of one’s caste and creed. More than being a religious occasion, such festivals symbolise something larger- celebration of our ethnic culture and connecting back to the roots. Think in that aspect, festivals still hold the same importance in each Indian’s heart.

However, the way festivals are celebrated have evolved over the years. While in olden times preparations would start well in advance, now people are pressed for time and preparations almost always start just before the season. Spending hours together with family and friends have probably reduced to parties and lunches only. While the intent is still intact, the busy lifestyles and people being away from home for work has brought about these changes.

Our aim is to help consumers celebrate festivals in the most authentic manner. We source products right from their place of origin thus providing a unique experience to all those who want to enjoy the season in the most traditional way. Our core proposition is ‘your ethnic store’ and hence our focus too is on providing the best collection of a wide variety of products to the consumers. Whether it is the traditional Banarasi silk saree or the Amritsari mithai, you can now feel closer to your roots by indulging in products that are sourced from across India.

This is the time when consumers go all out for ethnic wear and other ethnic products. Indians save and plan for the season well in advance and shopping is an important aspect of this plan. While earlier consumers would have to spend hours finding the right products from the bazaarnew age technology has made it easier to do all their festive shopping at one place. Keeping in mind the needs of consumers, the focus of brands and companies is to provide an easier and convenient way of helping people get festive-ready.

For Craftsvilla, this is one of the most important sale periods of the year. When it comes to spending behaviour, there is always incremental shopping during this period. It helps us acquire new customers as well as drive more repeat purchases from the existing users. Unlike earlier times when shopping was limited to new clothes and maybe food items, people now purchase a variety of items during the festive season mainly triggered by the exciting discounts and deals offered during the season.

Since it is considered to be an auspicious occasion, there is high demand across all categories during this period. While apparels are top of the priority list for us, we also have unique selections in categories like home décor. Products like Jaipur blankets/quilts, unique lamps, lanterns and ethnic curtains are few categories that we are seeing an increase in interest.

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