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V-day festive online sales


V-day festive online sales

It is no longer a surprise that e-commerce sites pamper their customers with offers and deals during the festive seasons in India. With the Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is time for the online giants to offer the visitors with unique products, and even better promo offers.

So, everything from costume jewellery, fragrances, soft toys, and lingerie are now available online in V-styled online displays. Leading online sites are reporting a whopping increase in their sales this time, and are still betting big to earn, with the festival around the corner.

One of the leading ecommerce sites has quoted the average price of a Valentine’s Day between Rs 1,500 to Rs 1,800. In another interesting insight, men are more frequently shopping for the occasion than woman.

There is also a reported increase in purchase of items like jewellery and books. As quoted by TOI, Amazon India, on the other hand, reported increased traction in jewellery and books. It has launched a Valentine’s Day Store and commissioned a study on the country’s most romantic cities based on the sales of books, movies and music titles. While Mumbai topped the list in terms of sales of romantic movies and music albums, New Delhi showed the biggest appetite for romantic books.

Actually, Valentine’s Day is an interesting time to sell items across different categories. Since it is a complete personal equation, and also an occasion for the couples, each individual makes his/her own discreet choice. The online platform, on the other hand is just the perfect marketplace for these young buyers. They get the best discounted prices, and different themes to give them new ideas to express their love. They can choose from a wide variety of options including, hand bags, jewellery, books, apparels, and many things more, at their convenience.

Even gift vouchers are a common share for the Valentine’s Day. Additional categories like beauty and personal care are popular with women, and electronics and mobile accessories can be gifted to men.

In addition, it is not just the e-commerce sites which benefit from the festive season. The digital wallet industry also seeks a spike in exchange of money. Moreover, it’s a busy season requiring an effective logistical management by a company. The goods are required to be moved swiftly, and with more Indian consumers shopping online during the season, big logistics and warehousing sector is stretched to its limits.

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