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UNO Technology Elevates Air Traffic Control Standards with Innovative Project at Noida International Airport

Air Traffic Control Technology


UNO Technology Elevates Air Traffic Control Standards with Innovative Project at Noida International Airport

UNO Technology, a global leader in engineering solutions, has marked its entry into the Indian aviation sector with an ambitious project at Noida International Airport. The company is set to revolutionize Air Traffic Control (ATC) infrastructure with its cutting-edge High Vision ATC cabin, designed to address critical challenges faced by air traffic controllers and elevate operational efficiency to international standards.

The High Vision ATC cabin project, the company’s inaugural venture in India, is a significant step towards advancing aviation technology in the country. The initiative aligns with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and aims to tackle issues such as limited visibility, outdated equipment, and high levels of fatigue among air traffic controllers, which often hinder operational efficiency and compromise safety standards.

As the specialist contractor for Noida International Airport in Jewar, U.P., UNO Technology is spearheading the construction of the groundbreaking High Vision ATC Room for the new Air Traffic Control Tower. The project introduces an innovative framing system without mullions for glazing in the Visual Control Room (VCR), offering air traffic controllers an obstruction-free view for enhanced operational efficiency and safety.

Mr. Unni Bhaskar, Managing Director of UNO Technology Private Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, saying, “Our debut project in India with the Noida International Airport is a significant milestone. We bring not only innovative technology but also a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction through advancing air traffic control infrastructure in the country. Since our motto is ‘100% made in India, made for the world,’ we take pride in contributing to the growth of the Indian aviation industry on a global scale. This project is a step towards our vision for a safer and more efficient future in aviation.”

The UNO Technology ATC cabin sets a new benchmark for air traffic control infrastructure in India, aligning seamlessly with global aviation standards. The company’s focus on creating an obstruction-free vision for air traffic controllers is expected to significantly enhance operational efficiency and safety at Noida International Airport, contributing to the success of the ambitious airport project.

The Noida International Airport project, owned by Zurich Airports Group and executed by TATA Projects Limited, represents a landmark collaboration in the aviation sector. This ambitious project positions the airport to become the fourth-largest globally and the largest in India. The UNO Technology ATC cabin, with its state-of-the-art features, is a testament to the commitment of all stakeholders involved in shaping the future of aviation in India.

As the project progresses, UNO Technology aims to further solidify its presence in the Indian aviation sector, contributing to the growth and modernization of air traffic control infrastructure across the country. The company’s innovative approach and dedication to quality are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping a safer, more efficient future for aviation in India and beyond.

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