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Cocoashala Revolutionizes Indian Chocolate Industry with Global Certification Courses

Chocolate Taster’s Certification


Cocoashala Revolutionizes Indian Chocolate Industry with Global Certification Courses

In a remarkable move that is set to redefine the landscape of the Indian chocolate industry, Cocoashala, India’s premier startup dedicated to the world of cacao and bean-to-bar chocolates, is hosting the global chocolate taster’s certification course in India for the fourth time. This unprecedented event, in collaboration with IICCT UK, is scheduled to take place in Chennai throughout March, offering a unique opportunity for chocolate enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to immerse themselves in the art and science of chocolate making.

Empowering Indian Cacao Farmers: Cocoashala, led by L Nitin Chordia, India’s first certified chocolate taster, has a visionary mission. They aim to double the income of Indian cacao farmers, formalize micro food processing enterprises, and produce international-class chocolates using Indian cacao. By doing so, the startup intends to reduce reliance on cacao imports and propel the Indian cacao and chocolate economy to new heights.

Diverse Certification Courses: The courses offered during this 12-16 day immersive experience cover a wide range of topics, providing participants with the skills to become Certified Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers, Chocolate Tasters, or Cacao Evaluators. The schedule includes a Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Certification, Chocolate Taster Certification levels 1 and 2, and an extensive Chocolate Taster Certification level 3, featuring field trips to cacao fermenters, high-density and regular cacao farms, bean-to-bar chocolate making units, and various culinary experiences across South India.

Limited Seats, Unlimited Opportunities: With limited seats available, this unique opportunity invites cocoa farmers, chocolatiers, bakers, researchers, and chocolate enthusiasts to become part of India’s ascent on the global bean-to-bar chocolate map. The event promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience, fostering global collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Success Stories and Industry Testimonials: Cocoashala’s previous programs have produced success stories, with participants venturing into bean-to-bar businesses. L Nitin Chordia, Co-Founder of Cocoashala, expresses their commitment to offering holistic solutions, from farm to fork. The startup provides consulting services and solutions, starting from cacao farm post-harvesting consulting to bean-to-bar chocolate making training for farmers and entrepreneurs, followed by chocolate tasters’ certification courses in collaboration with IICCT, UK.

Vikas Temani, Business Head of Paul & Mike Craft Chocolates, India, credits Cocoashala for kickstarting their venture, stating that insights about the Indian consumer were critical in creating the right product portfolio.

The story of Soklet Tree to Bar Chocolate’s birth is tied to the appreciation of Cocoashala’s L Nitin Chordia, who liked what he saw and tasted, leading to the inception of the bean-to-bar brand Soklet.

Akhil Grandhi, Founder of Bon Fiction Bean to Bar Chocolates, India, highlights the valuable insights gained from Cocoashala’s workshops, emphasizing the importance of understanding the cacao fermentation process and identifying flavors.

A Bright Future for Indian Cacao and Chocolates: Reflecting on the progress made, L Nitin Chordia expresses immense pride in the growing recognition of Indian cacao and chocolates. He states, “Our aim is to train, incubate, and establish ourselves as a partner of choice for over 1000 bean-to-bar chocolate brands in India in the next 4-5 years.” Poonam Chordia, Co-Founder of Cocoashala, envisions an exciting future, with a surge in bean-to-bar chocolates on store shelves during the festive season.

As India takes its first steps in this chocolate-making journey, Cocoashala’s courses, available here, continue to be a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, fostering a revolution in the Indian chocolate industry.

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