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India rode the 10-minute delivery wave in 2022 through Zepto

From milk and bread to Ganga Jal, India rode the 10-minute delivery wave in full swing


India rode the 10-minute delivery wave in 2022 through Zepto

In 2022, everyone must’ve tried a number of new things and adopted some of them into their daily routines. Among everything else, what urban Indians truly enjoyed and got used to was the idea of getting their everyday needs delivered to their doorsteps – that, too, in no time. 10-minute grocery delivery app Zepto had Indians living a life of ease and convenience in 2022. From over 120 orders for indulgences like chips, ice creams, and soft drinks dispatched per minute, to hundreds of healthy orders for juices, salads, and organic food per minute – all of India’s needs were delivered by Zepto, no matter the preferences. In fact, a Zepto user from Mumbai placed as many as 1,988 orders last year. Fans of quick delivery were also very generous in their feedback and appreciation for riders and consistency in experience.

From midnight cravings to monthly supplies, Indians are turning to Zepto. Zepto has become the go-to for people to call for groceries whether to whip up a quick meal or plan their health chart for the rest of the week. Not only are people ordering snacks and beverages for untimely hunger and spur-of-the-moment party plans, but also are planning ahead and stocking up their kitchen needs for weeks to avoid the hassle of shopping for essentials every now and then.

The prospect of free deliveries for orders above 149 has also encouraged customers to buy groceries in bulk, as well as prompted an overall surge in high-value orders. In 2022, the highest value of a particular order from Noida peaked at over 23,000, while a customer from Mumbai cumulatively spent close to 9 lacs on Zepto orders around the year.

Aadit Palicha, Co-founder and CEO, Zepto, says, “2022 has been a thrilling year for Zepto. We are proud to have delivered every customer promise with excellence- be it consistency in delivery times, product and tech experience, the quality of our assortment, and introducing new categories and products that excite and cater to every big or small customer need. We are truly grateful to our rider community for their relentless trust and support in making Zepto’s last-mile experience seamless and efficient. In 2023 and the years to come, our endeavor will be to further champion quick delivery and continue to fearlessly and prudently disrupt the category.”

While groceries continue to be the most ordered category by Zepto customers, there’s been a steady growth in orders for other everyday essentials, too. Zepto’s assortment of 5000+ products across categories of home utility, hygiene, self-care, and electronics, among others, has been received supremely well by customers, who are now ordering everything – from birth control to self and babycare – on Zepto. In fact, customers also placed orders for items that took even Zepto by surprise (We’re glad, anyway):   

“Our customers are paramount to the success of our business, and to have won their trust in our service is immensely encouraging and rewarding. We’re leaning into our customers’ needs and adding to our capacities accordingly. We’re also focussing on making their entire experience – right from placing orders to receiving the deliveries – as seamless as possible. It is humbling to see so many Indian customers make the best use of Zepto’s offerings through orders for all their needs – no matter how distinct,” says Amritansu Nanda, Chief Marketing Officer, Zepto. 

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